1. Guest Blog: Observations of a Novel Weekend

    Guest Blog: Observations of a Novel Weekend

    By Declan Bogue


    WELL, that was fun, wasn't it?


    On Saturday afternoon as Fermanagh played Armagh, a thousand middle-aged men in were left wailing at the complications of technology as they begged their children to teach them all about the mysterious Goddess that is the BBC iPlayer.


    When they eventually got plugged in and zoned out, what met them was one of the most atypical Ulster Championship matches. Fermanagh played to a rigid system that yielded the right result, aided by; 1) Armagh selector Paddy McKeever earning a red card

  2. Guest Blog: Expect the ground to shake with Enda McEvoy

    Guest Blog: Expect the ground to shake with Enda McEvoy

     By Enda McEvoy


    Limerick pulling off the summer’s first surprise, if surprise it was, at the Gaelic Grounds. Michael Ryan, that most gregarious of men, refusing to talk to the media afterwards before having the sense to change mind and tack the following day. Cork finishing the better to see off a wasteful

  3. Play it Again in Ulster

    Play it Again in Ulster

    This weekend we see both Ulster Football Championship semi final replays. They will be observed by afar from many with a degree of disdain. Ulster football. Ulster football to the uninitiated is considered a sort of faction fight with an O’Neills football thrown in for good measure.

    But for the diehard Ulster football aficionado, a good tight match in Ulster is the highlight of early summer. And don’t be surprised this weekend if both matches attract a decent crowd, as all four counties, Tyrone, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal approach the games optimistically. The two Ulster semi finals have been the best games this summer so far.

    In 2014 Dublin GAA and Kerr

  4. The Club Jersey

    The Club Jersey

    The Club Jersey, Croke Park and the Club Finals

    The Club Jersey

    The Club jersey. You’ve known it and worn it for as long as you can remember. Club legends that went before you. Your dad. Uncles, maybe a brother. And now it’s your turn. In Croke Park. Something special. The jersey. The badge. The band of brothers. The banter and the craic. The Club. And Croke Park. Think of the lads that will come after too. The legacy you leave behind. What it all means. What’s in Jersey? The passion. Pride. The history.

    That’s the way it is for eight panels of club players this week. On Saturday and Sunday the footballers and hurlers of eight intermediate and junior clubs get to do their thing in Croke Park. As the sponsors the AIB would have you believe, it is #TheToughest. A winter’s preparation and hard word boils down to one afternoon in Cro

  5. This Week's GAA Fixtures

    This Week's GAA Fixtures

    Wednesday 25 May

    Leinster U21HC quarter-finals
    Westmeath v Kilkenny, Cusack Park, 7.30pm
    Carlow v Laois, Netwatch Cullen Park, 7.30pm
    Kildare v Offaly, Newbridge, 7.30pm

    Sunday 29 May

    Connacht SFC quarter-final
    London v Mayo, Ruislip, 3pm

    Munster SFC quarter-finals
    Limerick v Clare, Gaelic Grounds, 2pm
    Waterford v Tipperary, Fraher Field, 3.30pm

    Ulster SFC quarter-final
    Cavan v Armagh, Breffni Park, 3.30pm

    Munster JFC quarter-finals
    Waterford v Tipperary, Fraher Field, TBC
    Limerick v Clare, Gaelic Grounds, TBC

    Ulster MFC quarter-finals
    Cavan v Armagh, Breffni Park, 1.30pm
    Monaghan v Down, Clones, 7pm
    Antrim v Donegal, Corrigan Park, 7pm

  6. Camogie Rises Again in it Purest Form

    Camogie Rises Again in it Purest Form

    Camogie in the Press

    It's been an eventful year for Camogie. In some respects it has never been more popular. And rarely has it so often been in the news. All publicity is good publicity.

    A WAG I know suggested tongue firmly in cheek that the coverage in the media of all the controversies showed how wily the Camogie Association had become in the PR endeavours. My conspiracy theory friend suggested the powers that be had created the publicity to get their game in the news. This same person I might add contends that the moon landing never took place; that the earth is flat and Shergar just ran away.

    If all the people who had an opinion on puc fada, holiday prizes, coin tosses and appeals turn up at Croke Park on Sunday to show their new found interest in the sport then headquarters will be bursting at the seams like an old pair of jogging bottoms you squeezed into more in hope than expectation. Lets park the likelihood of that happening and the menta

  7. A Feast Day for the Sliotarati

    A Feast Day for the Sliotarati

    Kilkenny back in an All Ireland, playing Galway. The West’s Awake but the Cats are back again, one year older. One year wiser. A few good men lighter. Yes. Normal service. We expected Tipp to be there with them but by God Galway earned their place in that classic.

    Live Sport Not As We Know It

    On SKY sports this week we had transfer deadlines day and all the hype that brings. Lads that haven’t played a senior championship match in their lives changing hands for 36 million. Elsewhere a tale of two goalies played out with neither man going anywhere.

    That’s the thing about the GAA, come All Ireland finals day. We don’t need artificial stimulation to stir the passion and get the juices flowing. The mere mention of Kilkenny and Galway brings

  8. O'Neills Archive: Something Only We Know. . . The Secret’s Out!

    O'Neills Archive: Something Only We Know. . . The Secret’s Out!

    A third consecutive draw in the All Ireland hurling final apparently would have been a 1500/1 shot with any bookie willing to offer a price back in 2012. There not having been previously a hurling draw since before Setanta took on the Hound of Cullian, it was not a wager any right thinking punter would have made. Still if we had access to a trusty De Lorean, a hefty dose of hindsight and the means to get back to the future a few quid on it would have made perfect sense. The debate today has been just how good was this match in the pantheon of great All Ireland Hurling Finals.

    The last few minutes of the game as described by Marty Morrissey and Donal Óg Cusack have been doing the rounds

  9. Ireland Wheelchair Basketball Team

    Ireland Wheelchair Basketball Team

    From all here at O'Neills we would like to extend our congratulations to the Ireland Wheelchair Basketball team, who have just returned from an excellent campaign at the European Championships in Portugal. It's been a great pleasure working with the squad and we wish them continued success for the future. Check out the tour report below from Declan King. 

    The O'Neill's sponsored Irish Wheelchair Basketball team put in an incredible performance before going out of the European Championships in Portugal at the semi final stage to the tournament favourites Bosnia.

    Jason Kennedy's Irish warriors got off to a brilliant start with an 86-42 victory against Greece the Tuesday.
    There were superb performances from Kennedy, Mike McKillop and the veteran Michael Cunningham as the Boys in Green were never in trouble.
    Ireland played the host nation Portugal next and in a Titanic struggle the home side shaded it 56-54.

  10. Hurling in The United States

    Hurling in The United States

    It always seemed that gaelic football was the more likely of the gaelic games to become widely played worldwide, however in recent years hurling has gained a foothold in the United States, increasingly common among non Irish communities, where players are attracted by the skill and physicality of a game that they say has it all.

    Hurling has featured in North America since reports in the late 1700s reported matches between rival Irish immigrants, with the occasional row breaking out among players and partisans!

    At the start of the twentieth century there were about a dozen American hurling clubs. Indeed in 1910 a group of American hurlers toured Ireland and in the 1930s teams from the States played in the Tailteann Games.

    Hurling is now spreading beyond the Irish communities in the United States with some success. More and more unfamiliar, yet distinctively Irish hurling and gaelic football jerseys are appearing on the O’Neills website. There is a thriving int