The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide from O’Neills

With Father’s Day just around the corner, let our gift guide inspire you with plenty of perfect presents to pamper the man in your life. You could get them what they really want, some peace and quiet, but where’s the fun in that? So, forget the usual socks, shower gel and aftershave combo because from the golf enthusiast to the GAA dad, we have the best gifts for them all!  

For the GAA Dad:  

Is he still talking about that one match back in 87’ when he scored two goals and got sent off for ‘barely touching the man’? You’re not allowed to chat during the game, but he can provide a running commentary from the sidelines at full volume? Don’t worry, we have the perfect gifts for the man who lives and breathes GAA! 

Our County Venture Polo is a must-have for cheering on the beloved county team from the sidelines or behind the TV. This easy-to-wear classic is crafted from the finest Pima cotton, luxuriously smooth to touch and extra soft against the skin with a relaxed fit. Add an extra layer on top with the County Evolve Half-Zips. The perfect Father’s Day gift which every GAA fan should have in their wardrobe to keep them warm on those cold match days! With a high-neck collar and super soft cotton fleece material, this is a wardrobe essential for every GAA Dad.  

Offered in both a hooded and non-hooded style, our County Quantum Range is fantastic for layering over county jerseys. For the dad who would love to be kitted out head to toe in his beloved home county, the Quantum range is the one for him! Style under a Gilet or over his County Venture Polo Shirt or T-Shirt, our Harlow Half-Zips are crafted with soft, anti-pilling microfleece that offers that all important warmth but without the weight. A GAA essential in every man’s wardrobe, so why not indulge his county pride this Father’s Day?  

Finally for the pièce de résistance of our GAA Dad Gift Guide, our timeless Retro Jersey Gift Box. Already beautifully parcelled in our O’Neills Gift Box, trigger some nostalgia to the ‘Good Ol’ Days.’ Rewind the years back and let him relive the GAA moments he’s been talking about your entire life. Designed to honour some of the greatest footballers, moments, and jerseys since the GAA’s inception, our Retro Jersey is sure to be a massive hit this Father’s Day. 

For the Golf Dad: 

Golf Dad: noun, A father who spends an astronomical amount of time in a well-kept field looking for a small, lost, white ball with a bag full of extremely expensive metal sticks. He calls it, ‘The ruination of a good walk’ and yet continues to go on that walk every Sunday. Often found scratching his head, muttering the phrase, ‘It was just a practice swing.’ He uses words like ‘Shank’ and ‘Slice,’ you don’t know what it means, but you still love him.  

For the quick round after work, or before, and maybe even during, our Surge Polo Shirts are available in a range of classic colours, making them extremely versatile. From everyday office wear to the Club House, these polo shirts are engineered with moisture-wicking technology, keeping you cool and focused on the game. Designed for the Golf Course, the high stretch material offers flexibility for any Happy Gilmore swings as well as that all important, essential UV protection. The outfit is never complete without the Rival Cap for both fashion and practical reasons. Crafted from 100%, this hat is a must-have for our Golf Dads.  

For the Soccer Dad:  

Adorned in his sacred, lucky jersey, cold beer in hand, Champions League match on the TV, and a stream of profanities echoing from the living room… Sound familiar? Even though they certainly won’t win anything now with Klopp leaving, he still supports Liverpool and will do until the bitter end. Whether he’s the coach or sideline supporter, plays 5-aside football or only tells people how to, here are some fantastic gifts for your Fantasy Football Fanatic! 

For standing pitch side or heading to a kick around with his mates, the Surge Polo is a classic item to add to his collection. Keeping cool and comfortable is essential for the Soccer Dad. Team it with a pair of our Viper or Phantom Shorts for the ultimate performance outfit. Slightly longer in length our soccer style shorts are perfect for the weekly game of 5 a side, training sessions or watching the match from the sofa. Engineered with quick drying and high-performance fabric to keep them cool, our shorts allow them to focus all their attention on scoring without breaking a hip! 

For the Outdoors Dad:  

Here’s to the Bear Grylls in your life. The one you call when the simplest thing isn’t working. The one who is found in the great outdoors hail, rain, or shine, walking the dog he didn’t want but would be lost without. The ‘I’m getting ate alive by midges out there’ man, with every tool imaginable, flying around the back of his nippy wee van. What do you get for the man who exclusively wears his million-pocket work trousers? More clothes of course!  

When rambling through Irish countryside or tending to the lawn, layers are essential. Here at O’Neills, find the perfect layering options for your Outdoorsman this Father’s Day. There’s a nip in the air on a lovely summer evening, the sun is just starting to go down and he’s looking for an extra layer for warmth and comfort. We’ve got him covered! Pull on the Austin Half-Zip or Revive Half-Zip, ideal on its own or under our Andy Gilet when Winter rolls back around. Prefer a hooded top? They will love our Quantum Hoodie, a simple yet sleek look offering important protection from the elements. 

For the Comfort is Key Dad:

We know how hard the men in our lives work, so it is understandable that in the evenings, they just want to become one with the sofa and watch Clarkson’s Farm or the most obscure YouTube shorts. Let’s support them with some soft, relaxing clothes to eat their McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak Crisps in peace! 

No one quite does comfort like we do… Our Pima Cotton Tees allow maximum comfort and relaxation without compromising on style. These incredibly soft Pima T-shirts have been crafted using the finest cotton, their extremely durable fabric means that they were made to be a wardrobe staple. Somehow, in deep winter, you will find him wearing shorts in the evenings, we may never understand how they are ‘roasted’ but we can always assist in the struggle with the super soft, O’Neills fleece Evolve Shorts. It’s important for him to be comfortable in every aspect of his life, including training sessions. Our Aero Bottoms and Horizon Bottoms are excellent for both the gym and the sofa, their versatility originates from the lightweight, stretch woven fabric offering a relaxed, unrestricted feel.  

For the Gym Dad: 

AKA the cool, hip dad who doesn’t seem to age. The fittest man you’ll ever know, he loves to win push up competitions against his son and intimidate his daughter's new boyfriend. Your professional jar opener who gives nightclub bouncer vibes, treat him to some new gym wear, sure to make him look even cooler than he already does!  

Performance and design are at the very core of our Ignite range. The wide variety of colours and styles throughout the collection ensure that every man will find his new gym uniform. The base layer tee, the half-zip and shorts are the three key staples in Ignite, with each item seamlessly blending functionality with style. Crafted specifically for an active lifestyle, grab coffee with mates and then hit the gym without needing to switch outfits!  

For the Proud to be Irish Dad:

‘What do you mean you don’t know what happened in 1169?’ What do they teach you at school these days???’ For our beloved Patriots who crack open the Irish whiskey every Christmas and recite the history of Ireland (his version). They are our cultural educators, our ‘I can’t really speak Irish but why would I let that stop me’ Irish speakers and our not so factual encyclopaedias.  

Celebrate our modern poets and bards this Father’s Day, with our beautiful heritage products. The perfect blend of patriotism and sports, the Premier Half-Zip and Premier Jersey evoke a sense of pride as well as nostalgic memories of sensational rugby and soccer moments throughout Irish sporting history. Warning! Many, many stories of Irish brilliance, both on and off the field, will be shared when wearing these items.

Hopefully with our Gift Guide, you have found the perfect gift for the perfect Dad. So, this Father’s Day, 16th June, don’t forget to spoil him!