Too Cool for Yule? Happy Hipstermas

Takes it all in his stride does he? A few achingly cool presents delivered every year to you with a minimum of effort? You know what he’s like – enigmatic. Nothing like contemplating Christmas with a thoughtful tug of the wispy beard. What to get the Hipster for Christmas? 

1. The Headturner

As with every Hipster, the O'Neills Hipster aims to be be unique. If they've had no joy rummaging through the aul lad's stash of gear, the next step will be a rummage through the O'Neills clubshops. The O'Neills Hispter rarely browses the IE clubshops, think Asia, Africa, the US. You might see him wearing a DR Congo jersey with Bolasie emblazoned across the back. “I know a lad did some work on Yannick’s house” or even a Columbia Red Branch jersey "a lad I coached lived out there and sent me a jersey from O’Neills, he knew I’d like it. Do you?” Always enigmatic. Always laid back. Nearly too cul for Yule!

2. Premium Socks

One colour, three bars at the top. Simple. For wearing playing five a side, the annual game of golf, tucking a pair of sweatpants into. The look? Think more of the overall effect on people. No drama. Just socks.

3 Ireland Retro Jersey

Problem here,  he likely has one of these Ireland Retro jerseys from the first time round when they came out of the O’Neills factory. If not get set for nostalgia overload. The verdict? ‘Chippy Brady? The best.’

4 Coat & Umbrella

The one thing about unconventional folk is that they can surprise you when it comes to things of a practical nature. Life isn’t all craft beer, sour dough bread sandwiches and a woollen jumper. When you’re at a match, it rains and you want to stay dry you need a coat. Sooner or later you have to retire the fifteen year old anorak lads? O’Neills have plenty for matches. Umbrellas too!

5. Beanie Hat or Bobble Hat

We had this debate for hours. Would the GAA hipster prefer a beanie or bobble hat? There was no clear outcome so we reckon you decide. 

6 Khaki Cargo Shorts

He mightn’t wear them at home but by God when he gets on that steel bird for a weekend in a chic Euro city or out for a few pints in Donegal, the cargo shorts be rockin’ the joint.  

7 1916 Proclamation Jersey

You know, he’d probably prefer the Irish language version, especially if he’s fluent. The guy we know, is clued in on the meaning of the whole document you know that bit “cherish all the children of the nation equally.”