The Often Spotted Irish Sports Male

Yes, we all know that the Irish male loves his sport. But how far do you take it in your pursuit of sport? Do you own an O'Neills Ireland Retro jersey that pays homage to Chippy Brady, John Giles and Kevin Moran? Do you know the answer to the perennial question ‘Who put the ball in English net?’ If you're of an older vintage, do you remember where you were when Packie Bonnar saved that penalty. We’ve constructed five easy questions to see just how fanatical an Irish sports fan you are.

1. On St Patrick's Day, do you:

A Plan your entire day around sport, making sure if you cannot get to Croke Park you synchronise all activities to ensure you can watch all the action live. You'll even slot in the MacRory cup final on the BBC player.

B You'll be out and about having the craic and sure if you find yourself in a bar when the game is on you'll probably watch it.

C Nothing captures the passion of the Irish and their love of sport. You'll stick on Sky+ or watch the highlights if you remember.


2. Ireland are Playing England in the Rugby although the championship is gone,  do you:

A make sure you're at the game in the Aviva bellowing out Amhrán na bhFiann, the Fields of Athenry and every other tune to support the Boys in Green. It's your sixth consecutive home game and you were in Chicago. You spend the hours before the game reminding any English supporters that Ireland will (and have in the past), hand them their rear end on a plate and politely ask them to mount their chariots and leave.

B watch the game in the bar, maybe the local rugby club with the lads. Usual Saturday afternoon sport. It’s Ireland after all and your support is unconditional.

C you enjoyed the rugby game that time you got some free tickets for the Autumn international against Georgia. It is a pity the five nations has gone for another year.

3. McGregor is fighting at four thirty in the morning and you have an interview the next day. Do you:

A sit up all night watching the prelims and maybe passing the time practising a few MMA moves with the mates. The interview will be grand if the alarm goes off but you can't miss McGregor.

B Go to bed earlier the evening before having done all your preparation and you’ve set the alarm so you can get up, watch the fight live and stay up to do some last minute prep, but more likely you'll go to the gym and boss the interview.

C Tell all that will listen that McGregor’s a modern day Irish warrior and everyone should be proud of him. You'll ensure you catch up on the outcome later.

4. The Olympics are on and you happen to be in the pub when someone makes an ill-advised comment about Irish Badminton star Scott Evans that clearly shows he knows nothing about Irish Sport.

A You quickly correct a couple of factual errors in his ill-advised remark and point out that his appearance at Rio was in fact his third Olympics. That shortly after London, Evans won the Irish Open in front of a home crowd in Baldoyle. In June 2015, he was at a career-high ranking of 23rd in the world though injury forced him to cut back his tournament schedule.

B Remark that isn’t it fantastic that Ireland has so many quality competitors in the Olympics, raising the profile of Irish athletes in less popular sports and say that yes, you will be watching Evans in action.

C You nod sagely whilst quickly checking your phone to Google Scott Evans.

5. The Irish team have qualified for a Soccer World Cup Play Off having come third in their group, the organisers have belatedly agreed to give them a play off to make up for Henry’s handball. It’s being played in Vanuatu…

A You sell the family car, hit three Credit unions, cancel the holiday with your better half, put the dog on a low carb diet to save funds, max out the credit card on flights. You buy a few new O’Neills jerseys and organise a few days stopover with the lads in Sydney where the Irish Cricket team are playing.

B You’ll be watching it live even though it’s in the middle of the night and the result should be a foregone conclusion.

C If Ireland get to the World Cup it’ll be great craic. You might see about getting another ticket through work.


Mostly A. C’mon the boy in green. Chances are you were in the room in Saipan, the alpha sports male and unreconstructed sports Paddy. You were probably in Poznan, serenading French ladies in Bordeaux and at this minute you may well be in Cheltenham cheering on another Irish winner before flying to Dublin for the Club Finals and the England Game. Legend.

Mostly B. You’re a good solid supporter of Irish sport, maybe you still play GAA or rugby so that limited your full on support but you’ll get to the Aviva when you can and Croke Park for sure.

Mostly C. Your weekends could well be spent eating prawn sandwiches and enjoying walks in the countryside. Sports definitely get you excited and it’s great when an Irish team does well. You’re green alright, just not very green!