The countdown to the biggest day of the year in the Irish calendar has begun. No, not the All-Ireland final, St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you were born and bred in the Emerald Isle or your great-great grandfather’s brother’s daughter’s twice-removed cousin was from Ireland, it’s time to don the green attire and show your Irish pride.

The colour green has long been associated with Ireland, symbolising patriotism as well as the rich green landscapes which can be found countrywide. Traditionally, Americans wore green on St. Patrick’s Day as legend had it the colour green made them invisible to creatures including Leprechauns who would try to pinch them. This is a risk we are not willing to take!

We’ve gone 50 shades of green in preparation for the big day so there are no excuses for wearing any other colour come 17th March. Still unsure of your St. Patrick’s Day clothes choice? Check out our top green picks, Irish t-shirts and jerseys below.

Green County GAA Jerseys

Wear your pride for your country and your county this St. Patrick’s Day in your County GAA Jersey. We have a wide range of green jerseys available including Kerry, Donegal, Meath, Mayo, Fermanagh and many more. Is your home county not green? Not to worry we have plenty of other green options to choose from! 

Ireland Commemoration Jerseys

O’Neills Commemorative jerseys are designed to pay tribute to historic events.

Immerse yourself in Ireland’s history with an O’Neills 1916 Jersey. The 1916 Easter Rising was a significant event that can be attributed as a defining moment in the struggle for Irish Independence. The historic Poblacht na hÉireann is printed proudly on the back of the 1916 Jersey complete with the seven signatories: Thomas J. Clarke, Seán Mac Diarmada, Patrick H. Pearse, James Connolly, Thomas MacDonagh, Éamonn Ceannt and Joseph Plunkett.

The Celtic Cross Jerseys showcase the traditional rich green, white and gold colours of Ireland, symbolising patriotism and the values of the country. Complete with the lettering ‘In Éirinn tá Neart’ which translates to ‘In Ireland there is Strength’.

Wear your Irish pride and pay tribute to the Irish revolutionary soldier and politician with a Michael Collins jersey. Designed to commemorate the “Big Fella” with some of his most famous quotes scripted on the back including “I tell you this, early this morning I have signed my death warrant”.

Vintage GAA Jerseys and Retro Ireland Jerseys

Rewind the years with a vintage GAA jersey from O’Neills. Relive the glory days and pull on a retro Donegal jersey, similar to the one worn by the 1992 team in the county’s first-ever All-Ireland Senior Football championship win. Reminisce on Kerry’s three in a row in the mid 80’s or opt for a classic looking Limerick jersey from the late 80’s. A great option for GAA enthusiasts!

Immerse yourself in nostalgia with a Retro Ireland jersey, featuring the classic Ireland badge, collar and three stripe sleeve design. This O’Neills Ireland jersey is of a similar design to the jerseys produced by O’Neills between 1980 and 1984 for the Ireland team.

Ireland Rugby Gear

With matches still remaining in the Six Nations, you will get extra value from your Irish rugby gear by the time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. Choose from a range of Ireland Rugby Tops, Ireland T-shirts, Half Zips and more. Get your Ireland Rugby gear ready for a jam-packed few days of showcasing your pride for your country.

Irish Clothing and Guinness Merchandise

Are you veering away from the jersey this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. O’Neills have plenty of pinch-proof Irish t-shirts, St Patrick's day children's clothes and accessories for you to show your Irish pride.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day in style and show your love for the famous Irish stout with a t-shirt or hoodie from our collection of Guinness clothing and merchandise. A classic Guinness polo shirt or jacket will never go out of style and is a wardrobe staple all year round.

The countdown to the big day is now on, so it’s time to get shopping for your St. Patrick’s Day clothing at O’Neills!