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  1. Montana Sports Bra (Black/Mel Black/Silver)
  2. Montana Poly Shorts (Black/Marl Black/Ref Silver)
  3. Montana Stretch Vest (Black/Marl Black/Silver)
  4. Montana Full Length Leggings (Black/Silver)
  5. Montana Pure Capri Leggings (Black/Silver)
  6. Montana Pure Capri Leggings (Mel Black/Black/Silver)
  7. Brodie French Terry Full Zip Hooded Top (Black/Marl Black)
  8. Brodie Hooded Top (Diva Pink/White)
    €27.00 €45.00
    135 Reward Points
  9. Brodie Half Zip Squad Top (Black/Marl Grey/Diva Pink/White)
  10. Brodie Slashed T-Shirt (Black/Marl Grey/White)
  11. Khloe Printed Vest (Marl Grey/Black/White)
    €15.00 €25.00
    75 Reward Points
  12. Khloe Printed Vest (Black/White)
    €15.00 €25.00
    75 Reward Points
  13. Khloe Fleece Hooded Top (Black/Marl White)
    €28.00 €48.00
    140 Reward Points
  14. Khloe Full Length Leggings (Black)
    €19.00 €32.00
    95 Reward Points
  15. Eliana V-Neck T-Shirt (Melange Very Berry/Black)
  16. Dakota Fleece Skinny Pants
    200 Reward Points
  17. Dakota 3S Fleece Skinny Pants (Marine)
    200 Reward Points
  18. Dakota 3S Full Zip Fleece Hooded Jacket (Black)
Update your wardrobe with the latest fashion in women’s gym wear. Designed with fabric technology that helps optimise your work out by wicking sweat away from the body during intense gym sessions. Choose high-impact style without compromising on quality.