Who runs the world? Derry Girls

What about ye? Have you recovered yet after laughing so hard at the second series of Lisa McGee’s hit comedy Derry Girls? We know you were all lured when we released the one of a kind Derry Girls jerseys back in August and with your help, Derry Girls have gone global with our jerseys popping up all over the world.

Where have they gone you ask? Let’s take a look.


The craic was 90 in Japan

All eyes were focused on the Rugby World Cup recently. It was the biggest sporting event of the year, and what pops up front row? A Derry Hurls jersey. Absolute cracker.


Derry to Dubai

She climbed to the tallest room in the tallest tower to show off her Derry Girls jersey. No, it’s not Rapunzel. Caoimhe wanted to make sure everyone in Dubai knew she was a Derry Girl at heart. We’re a wee bit buzzing!


Spotted in the Desert

An unknown sight was spotted in the desert in Doha. Not a cactus, not a camel, but a DERYY GIRL!!! And her Derry family. What a cracking picture. Derry Girls have truly been brought to the global stage.


From the Bogside to the Big Apple

Derry Girl’s has made its way across the Atlantic and the American audience are loving it! They may not understand 80% of what is being said, but neither does the rest of the island. Nora is well and truly getting the Derry Girls name out there, so we think you can claim the title. Nora, you are a Derry Girl.


South Carolina

And the 2019 Rose of Tralee is…well Michelle didn’t quite make the cut, but we were glad to see Cat, the South Carolina Rose embracing her inner Derry Girl. You don’t need to be from Derry to be a Derry Girl, it’s a state of mind. But if you want to disguise yourself as an original Derry Girl, you need to add some of the local lingo into your life. Just shout ‘what’s the craic’ or ‘catch yourself on’ when your walking down the street and you’ll fit right in.


We love seeing where our Derry Girls jerseys have got to, and we want to find the most random place a Derry Girls jersey has been. So, were calling you all to get your O’Neills Derry Girls jerseys on and take a picture in the jersey and upload it to social media. Tag us in your pictures and use the hashtag #DerryGirlsGlobal.  Sure, it’ll be class craic!