1. St. Patrick’s Day Clothing Top Picks

    St. Patrick’s Day Clothing Top Picks

    The countdown to the biggest day of the year in the Irish calendar has begun. No, not the All-Ireland final, St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you were born and bred in the Emerald Isle or your great-great grandfather’s brother’s daughter’s twice removed cousin was from Ireland, it’s time to don the green attire and show your Irish pride.

    The colour green has long been associated with Ireland, symbolising patriotism as well as the rich green landscapes which can be found countrywide. Traditionally, Americans wore green on St. Patrick’s Day as legend had it the colour green made them invisible to creatures including Leprechauns who would try to pinch them. This is a risk we are not willing to take!

    We’ve gone 50 shades of green in preparation for the big day so there are no excuses for wearing any other colour come 17th March. Still unsure of your St. Patrick’s Day clothes choice? Check out our top green picks, Irish

  2. What is Saint Patrick’s Day, and why do we celebrate it?

    What is Saint Patrick’s Day, and why do we celebrate it?

    St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most important and highly anticipated dates in the Irish calendar. A day to celebrate our Irish culture with some traditional Irish music and a jig, watching the annual parade, and washing it down with a pint of Guinness. But the celebrations go much further than this small island, with landmarks worldwide turning green for the occasion. From the Empire State Building to the London eye, the Burj al Arab to Niagara Falls and even the Chicago River turning green to honor St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday started as a religious event to commemorate Ireland’s Patron Saint, but over time it has become a worldwide event to celebrate Irish culture and heritage.

    But what is it all about you may ask?

    St. Patrick’s Day Facts

    Ever wondered what Paddy’s day is all about? We’ve unearthed some of the top St. Patrick’s Day facts.

    When is St. Patrick’s Day?

    St. Patrick’s Day

  3. The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide from O'Neills

    The most wonderful time of year is fast approaching and it’s time to pick up presents for your friends and family. With The Late Late Toy Show revealing all of the most popular gifts for the year, O'Neills have everything you need to stuff their stockings with gifts they’ll truly love this Christmas. 

    If you’re struggling to decide what to gift someone who loves sports or looking for gifts for the obsessed sport fans in your life, our Christmas gift guide is here to help make it the best Christmas yet!


    Stocking fillers

    There’s nothing quite like waking up on Christmas morning to find full, fat stockings to open. O'Neills is the perfect place to pick up all those extra stocking

  4. Going ga-ga for GAA

    Going ga-ga for GAA

    Every family has at least one – a GAA fanatic.

    My mild-mannered, unassuming 80-something-year-old uncle, a cattle farmer was once asked over the loud speaker at a match to sit down and stop using expletives! True story!

    They live and breathe the game, there’s neither a match nor a player from any time in the last century that they couldn’t rhyme off the stats for. The good news is, they’re the easiest people in the world to buy presents for – at and in-store, we have EVERYTHING they could want to prove their die-hard county credentials.

    Forget about buying just a county jersey, these superfans want the full works!

    First of all, they’ll want to wear their colours with pride. Whether it’s a full-on hoodie / half zip and joggers combo – available in our new Voyager