U20’s Hurling Championship 2024 Highlights

The 2024 U20 Hurling Championship has concluded and what a season it’s been. From last-minute scores to early pitch invasions by eager supporters, it’s been an incredible championship season with an outstanding display of talent. is proud to be the official sponsor of the U20 GAA All-Ireland Hurling Championship and is thrilled to play a pivotal role in fostering the next generation of hurling talent. We are committed to providing players with the highest quality kit to help them excel on the field and reach their potential. The championship plays a crucial role in the development of young, emerging hurlers and is an exceptional platform that supports them in a multitude of ways. It allows these players to demonstrate their skills and compete at a county level, preparing them for a successful career in their county's senior teams.  

It was a fitting end to a thrilling championship. Neighbouring counties and long-standing rivals, Tipperary and Offaly came head-to-head in Nowlan Park on Saturday evening. The match sold out in record time with a scramble for tickets for this highly sought-after encounter which promised to be packed full of excitement and first-class skill and it certainly did not disappoint!  

After losing in the 2023 final to Cork, the Offaly team were determined to succeed and let nothing stand in their way. Team captain, Dan Bourke, stepped up to the challenge and led by example scoring 1-3 from play to secure the victory with a final score of Offaly 2-20, Tipperary 2-14. The pitch transformed into a sea of green, white and gold as Offaly fans swarmed the pitch to celebrate the county’s first All-Ireland Under-20 hurling title and watch Dan Bourke lift the James Nowlan Cup.

Offaly GAA crowned U20 All-Ireland Champions 2024

This year, the final took place in Nowlan Park, Kilkenny to honour and commemorate James Nowlan, the longest serving GAA president (1901 – 1921), on the 100th year anniversary of his death. James Nowlan’s impact on the GAA can be felt still to this day, he devoted his life to campaigning for our heritage and independence in a treacherous time, as well as establishing the GAA at the centre of Irish identity. 

As the season now draws to a close, we look back at the highlights from the tournament. 

Highlights from the U20s All-Ireland Hurling Championship 

At the end of March, 12 teams from Leinster and 5 teams from Connacht began fighting for a place in the All-Ireland Final to claim the James Nowlan Cup for their county. Entering the provincial knock-out stages in early May, 18 teams became 8 as Leinster’s Quarter Final proved thrilling with Offaly facing Laois and Dublin meeting Wexford. In Munster, Limerick took on Waterford and Clare played Tipperary in two exciting games.  

Leinster Quarter Final on May 8th, 2024

Offaly (1-28) v Laois (2-9)

Dublin (0-18) v Wexford (0-14)

Offaly breezed into the Semi-Finals with their 16-point win against Laois. The star of the show was Offaly's Adam Screeney, who scored a staggering 15 points for the Faithful. Offaly were then set to face Kilkenny in the Semi-Finals on May 15th in O’Connor Park. Wexford were denied a place in Leinster’s Semi-Final alongside Offaly as they suffered a 4-point defeat at the hands of Dublin. The Pale secured their position in the Semi-Final against Galway, having already lost to the Tribesmen just a month before, it looked unlikely that Dublin would make it to the Leinster Final.  

Munster Quarter Finals on May 10th, 2024.

Clare (0-18) v Tipperary (1-14)

Limerick (0-20) v Waterford (1-16)

Tipperary’s perfect performance throughout the U20 Hurling Championship came to a bitter end with a heart-breaking one-point defeat to Clare. Regardless, the Premier County remained at the top of the Munster Championship Table and secured themselves a place in the Munster Final. After a stellar win for the Clare team, they began preparing for their Semi-Final game against reigning champions Cork set for May 17th. It was an entirely nail-biting Quarter Final Round in Munster as Limerick defeated Waterford by one point as well, unfortunately, neither team made it to the Munster Semi-Final.  

Leinster Semi Final on May 15th, 2024.

Dublin (4-17) v Galway (0-20)

Offaly (2-17) v Kilkenny (2-16)

The Tribesmen suffered a colossal 25-point defeat to Dublin in O’Moore Park, Portlaoise. Despite having beaten the Dubs by 16 points in the group stages, Shane O’Brien selected an incredible panel to lead the county to the Leinster Final. The 2022 All-Ireland winners, Kilkenny, gave a strong performance throughout the U20s Tournament however it all came to a devastating halt when they came head-to-head with Offaly. The U20 Offaly team drew some 8000 supporters to O’Connor Park on Wednesday evening for their one-point win against the Caits, hailed as one of the most supported teams, this Offaly side are reclaiming their county’s legendary reputation from the 80s.  

Munster Semi Final on May 17th, 2024. 

Cork (1-23) v Clare (2-16)

Clare’s dreams to defeat Tipperary once again in the Munster Final were sent into disarray by Cork’s 4-point win on Friday night. In the Banner’s own home, Cusack Park, Ennis, the Cork side were unstoppable, regardless of Diarmuid Stritch’s 2 goals. The All-Ireland 2023 Champions entered the Munster Final against Tipperary with confidence and a hope to add another win to their 14 All-Ireland Titles.

Leinster Final on May 22nd, 2024. 

Offaly (1-18) v Dublin (1-15)

Securing their second Leinster title in a row, Offaly defeated Dublin by 3 points on Wednesday night. Both sides battled for the place in the All-Ireland with both teams fighting to dominate the match. The crowd of 15,215 was made up almost entirely of Faithful green, white and gold colours. In a chaotic few last minutes, Offaly supporters prematurely swarmed to the pitch just in time for Dublin’s Conn Rock to score a goal. Regardless, Offaly had done just enough to face Tipperary in June for the final match of the Tournament.  

Munster Final on May 24th, 2024.

Tipperary (1-19) v Cork (0-21)

The Munster Final was a fast paced, incredibly tight game with just one point securing Tipperary’s place in the All-Ireland Final. With a one point lead at half time, the Premiers’ Oisin O’Donoghue scored the only goal of the match and put Tipperary well in the lead going into the second half. Cork fought back after half time, but Darragh McCarthy’s last-minute score not only prevented extra-time but also denied Cork, the current titleholders, a rematch with Leinster Champions, Offaly. 

The All-Ireland Final, June 1st, 2024.

Offaly (2-20) v Tipperary (2-14)

It certainly was a thrilling end to the U20 GAA All-Ireland Hurling Championship 2024. The atmosphere of the crowd from the sold-out game was electric from start to finish, with Nowlan Park enveloped in a sea of Green, White, Amber and Royal. Two well-matched teams in terms of ability and passion for the game came head-to-head to claim the title, but only one could conquer. 

Offaly were nothing short of exceptional. Having reached the final in 2023 and losing out to Cork, the Offaly team were hungry for success and certainly stepped up to the mark. Adam Screeney opened the scoring to get Offaly off to a flying start, but an eighth-minute penalty goal from Darragh McCarthy stole the lead. Offaly had found their rhythm by half-time with Colm Spain, Barry Egan and Dan Bourke prominent on the attack and scoreboard securing a 0-12 to 1-5 lead. Tipperary were backed by the wind in the second half and secured the first two points, but Screeney stepped up to the challenge again to claim Offaly’s first point of the half. The faithful county continued their dominance with a goal from Barry Egan to put them 1-16 to 1-8 ahead, however, Tipperary’s Shane Butler responded with a goal almost immediately to keep them in the game. Team captain and player of the match, Dan Bourke, secured another goal for Offaly further extending their lead. The final whistle blew, and the stadium erupted with the vast number of Offaly fans who made the trip to the game as the county secured their first U20 All-Ireland Hurling Title.

To celebrate Offaly GAA being crowned U20 All-Ireland Hurling Champions 2024, we have released the Official Offaly GAA U20 All-Ireland Champions Jersey. A keepsake of the day that will spark memories for years to come of the incredible display of talent and bring back the rush of euphoria after the final whistle. Available online now. are proud sponsors of the U20s All-Ireland Championship and send heartfelt congratulations to 2024’s U20 All-Ireland Champions, Offaly GAA.