Rewind with a Retro Jersey

Retro jerseys are not only incredibly trendy garments with designs that are a feast for the eyes, but they also hold a world of nostalgia, triggering memories and emotions from days gone by.

Relive the moments that stand with you in history. Every time you don your retro jersey, experience the rush of adrenaline you had when the last-minute winning goal was scored, the feeling of euphoria as you watched your team lift the cup and the pride and passion you felt to watch on as a supporter.

Maybe the jersey was out before you were even born, but you’re a fan of the vintage jersey design? A retro jersey is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd as you cheer on your home team, on holidays to let everyone know where you are from (a common Irish trait) or as a fashion statement at a musical festival for the hipster look.

This is history. This is timeless. This is retro.

Retro GAA Jerseys

Influenced by the history of the game, O’Neills Retro GAA Jerseys were designed to honour memorable moments, players and some of the greatest GAA jerseys of all time. No longer just a county shirt, these vintage GAA jerseys stand for everything the team achieved in that era. The last-minute free, championship wins and legends on the field. Each retro GAA jersey is steeped in history with memories stitched into the seams.

Take a walk down memory lane and remember some of your greatest days in Croke park supporting your beloved county team.

Kerry Retro Jersey

The 1986 Kerry Retro Jersey is a timeless classic which is sure to bring back fond memories.

1986 was a year of celebrations for the Kingdom County. Emerging victorious in the Munster Championship Final, the established Kerry team set their sights firmly on the Sam Maguire. A tight battle with Tyrone in the final saw the team claw their way back from a seven-point deficit. Kerry legends Pat Spillane and Mikey Sheehy stepped up to the challenge with a goal each to bring them back into the game. The Kerry team became unstoppable, finishing the game 2-15 to 1-10. The pitch was flooded with a sea of green and gold spectators as they watched their beloved county team claim three All Ireland Championship wins in a row.

O'Neills Kerry GAA 1986 Retro Jersey

Retro Mayo Jersey

Inspired by the county’s 1989 shirt, this Mayo retro jersey holds a whirlwind of memories for supporters.

After the Connacht Championship final against Roscommon went to a replay, the Mayo team showed determination and came out on top, sailing through to the All Ireland semi-finals where they came up against Tyrone. Coming into the game as underdogs, John O'Mahony’s side let nothing stand in their way of the county’s first All-Ireland Final appearance in 57 years, winning the game by 0-12 to 1-6. The buzz of the crowd and throughout Mayo was electrifying. Supporters made their way to Croke Park in their thousands, turning Dublin red and green with the iconic Mayo jersey. A tight game with Cork ended in defeat with the game finishing Cork 0-17 Mayo 1-11.

Retro Cork Jersey

This vintage GAA jersey is iconic, inspired by the Cork 1990 jersey.

Tomas Mulcahy and Kevin Hennessy came out of retirement for Cork’s 1990 campaign under the new management of Canon Michael O'Brien. The team meant business and ploughed their way through the Championship to the All-Ireland Hurling Final.

They were up against Galway who had come into the match as favourites. 48 seconds into the game, the crowd erupted as Kevin Hennessy put the sliotar in the back of a net. From then a tight game occurred with a sea-saw of contest. A nail-biting game ended in victory for the rebels as they took the Liam MacCarthy Cup back to Cork.

O'Neills Cork GAA 1990 Retro Jersey

Rewind the times and rediscover your love for some of the greatest jerseys of all time with the Retro Jersey Collection from O’Neills.