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  1. Grey Guinness Six Nations T-Shirt with official logo from O'Neills.
  2. Black unisex Guinness Six Nations Hoodie with official logo from O'Neills.
    175 Reward Points
  3. Black mens' Guinness Notre Dame Helmet t-shirt with pint of Guinness print from O'Neills.
  4. Black men's Guinness polo shirt with Notre Dame logo from O'Neills.
  5. Black men's Guinness Hoodie with gold helmet print in the centre and Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo on the sleeve from O'Neills.
  6. White men's Guinness Notre Dame hoodie with toucan wearing helmet on front from O'Neills.
  7. Black Guinness Hoodie with Christmas Toucan print and pouch pocket from O'Neills.
  8. Blue, yellow and pink three pack of men's Guinness socks packaged in a gift box from O'Neills.
    100 Reward Points
  9. Red and black men's Guinness Christmas socks with pints of Guinness from O'Neills.
  10. Grey Guinness boxers with pints of Guinness from O'Neills.
  11. Black Guinness boxers with pint of Guinness from O'Neills.
  12. Black Guinness boxer shorts with fun pint print all over and elasticated waist from O'Neills
  13. Black and gold Guinness bobble hat from O'Neills.
    90 Reward Points
  14. Grey and black Guinness bobble hat with chunky knit and Guinness tag from O'Neills.
  15. Guinness Harp Knit Hat Charcoal / Black
  16. Guinness Men's English Label T-Shirt Black
  17. Lansdowne Ireland Women's Performance T-Shirt Grindle Green
  18. Lansdowne Ireland Men's Ringer T-Shirt Bottle / White
    €9.00 €12.00
    45 Reward Points
  19. Men's Guinness Classic Irish Label T-Shirt Black Grindle
  20. Trad Men's Ireland Celtic Knot T-Shirt Khaki
    55 Reward Points
  21. bottle Trad Craft men's tee with boat print and Celtic trinity knot detailing from O'Neills
  22. Men's Trad Craft Ireland Celts T-Shirt Green Grindle
    60 Reward Points
  23. Men's Trad Craft Ireland Celts Hoodie Black Grindle
  24. Trad Men's Ireland Celtic Nation Hoody Green
  25. Trinity College 1952 T-Shirt Burgandy
    €10.00 €15.00
    50 Reward Points
  26. Trinity College Dublin Raglan Hoodie Grey / Navy
    €18.00 €35.00
    90 Reward Points
  27. Kids' Trad Lep Toe Baby Sock White / Green
  28. Trinity College Dublin T-Shirt Navy
    €10.00 €15.00
    50 Reward Points
  29. Kids' Trad Craft Baby Shamrock Bootie Green / Pink
    15 Reward Points
  30. Kids' Trad Craft Baby Shamrock Bootie Green / White
    15 Reward Points
  31. Trinity College Sweatshirt Grey Marl
    €18.00 €26.00
    90 Reward Points
  32. Trinity College Crest Sweatshirt Bottle / White
    €18.00 €26.00
    90 Reward Points
  33. Trinity College Mesh Hoodie Navy / White
    €18.00 €30.00
    90 Reward Points
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