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  1. Milano Soccer Shorts White
    72 Reward Points
  2. Women's Guinness Irish Label Long Sleeve Tee Black
  3. Under Armour Women's Sport Crossback Tee Blush Orange / Peach Frost
  4. Under Armour Women's Play Up Short 3.0 Black / White
    €17.00 €24.00
    85 Reward Points
  5. ASICS Women's Silver 5
    140 Reward Points
  6. ASICS Women's Silver Knee Tights Performance Black
  7. Under Armour Women's Sport Tape Tank Top Pink
  8. Under Armour Women's Knockout Tank Black / White
  9. Under Armour Women's Storm Midlayer Full Zip Black
    €55.00 €75.00
    275 Reward Points
  10. Under Armour Women's Storm Midlayer Half Zip Black / Black
  11. Under Armour Women's Recover Woven Full Zip Black / Black
  12. Under Armour Women's Armour Down Hooded Jacket Black
    €110.00 €140.00
    550 Reward Points
  13. Puma Women's Essentials Logo Tank Top Cotton Black
    €12.00 €15.00
    60 Reward Points
  14. Puma Women's Essentials+ Logo Long Sleeve Fitted T-Shirt Black
  15. Puma Women's Train Zip Crew Neck Sweatshirt Luminous Pink
  16. ASICS Women's Silver Jacket Performance Black
  17. ASICS Women's Silver Tank Pixel Pink
    90 Reward Points
  18. ASICS Women's Logo Bra Black / White
    140 Reward Points
  19. ASICS Women's Accelerate Bra Performance Black
  20. ASICS Women's Big Logo Sweat Pants Black / White
  21. ASICS Women's Essential 7/8 Tights Black / White
  22. ASICS Women's Overhead Fleece Hoodie Black / White

Our exclusive women’s clothing collections are designed with you in mind. Chock-full of designer pieces that fit well, feel fantastic and will leave you looking fabulous. Whether you’re a fitness guru or just want comfortable and stylish casual wear. O’Neills outdoor coats, smooth gym leggings and flattering gym tops are all made to the highest standards. Ireland’s most-trusted sportswear brand - quality sportwear since 1918!