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  1. Milano Soccer Shorts White
    72 Reward Points
  2. Women's Guinness Tuchan T-Shirt Green
    100 Reward Points
  3. Women's Guinness Irish Label Long Sleeve Tee Black
  4. Under Armour Women's Sport Crossback Tee Blush Orange / Peach Frost
  5. Under Armour Women's Tech Victory Vest Black / Metallic Silver
  6. Under Armour Women's Play Up Short 3.0 Black / White
    €17.00 €24.00
    85 Reward Points
  7. ASICS Women's Silver 5
    140 Reward Points
  8. ASICS Women's Silver Knee Tights Performance Black
  9. Under Armour Women's Knockout Tank Black / White
  10. Under Armour Women's Tech Victory Tank Lemonade Pink / Cerise
  11. Under Armour Women's Tech SS V-Neck Twist T-Shirt Pink Lemonade
    €18.00 €25.00
    90 Reward Points
  12. Under Armour Women's Storm Midlayer Full Zip Black
    €55.00 €75.00
    275 Reward Points
  13. Under Armour Women's Rival Fleece Full Zip Hoodie Black
  14. Under Armour Women's Storm Midlayer Half Zip Black / Black
  15. Under Armour Women's Tech Twist Graphic Hoodie Black / White
  16. Under Armour Women's Recover Woven Full Zip Black / Black
  17. Under Armour Women's Armour Down Hooded Jacket Black
    €110.00 €140.00
    550 Reward Points
  18. Puma Women's Essentials Logo Tank Top Cotton Black
    €12.00 €15.00
    60 Reward Points
  19. Puma Women's Essentials+ Logo Long Sleeve Fitted T-Shirt Black
  20. Puma Women's Amplified Bottoms Black
    €25.00 €45.00
    125 Reward Points

Our exclusive women’s clothing collections are designed with you in mind. Chock-full of designer pieces that fit well, feel fantastic and will leave you looking fabulous. Whether you’re a fitness guru or just want comfortable and stylish casual wear. O’Neills outdoor coats, smooth gym leggings and flattering gym tops are all made to the highest standards. Ireland’s most-trusted sportswear brand - quality sportwear since 1918!