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  1. Men's Guinness Metal Harp Badge Rugby Shirt Pewter / Cream
  2. Men's Guinness Performance Short Sleeve Rugby Jersey Bottle
  3. Guinness Men's Performance Harp T-Shirt Grey
  4. Men's Guinness Classic Tee Harp Chocolate
  5. Men's Guinness Classic Tape T-Shirt Sage / Navy
    90 Reward Points
  6. Guinness Men's English Label T-Shirt Black
  7. Guinness Classic Tee Irish Label Bottle
  8. Guinness Harp T-Shirt Bottle
    90 Reward Points
  9. Guinness Print T-Shirt Black
    From US$16.00
    90 Reward Points
  10. Guinness Celt T-Shirt Bottle
    90 Reward Points
  11. Men's Guinness Performance Tee Spot Harp White
  12. Guinness Premium Polo Black
    160 Reward Points
  13. Women's Guinness Tee 2way Sequin Pint Tee White
  14. Women's Guinness Tuchan T-Shirt Green
    105 Reward Points
  15. Women's Guinness Stamp Tee Red
    100 Reward Points
  16. Guinness Unisex Embroidered Sweatshirt Black
  17. Guinness Sweatshirt Crew English Black
    165 Reward Points
  18. Guinness Irish Label Crew Neck Sweatshirt Bottle
    165 Reward Points
  19. Guinness Crew Neck Knit Jumper Cream
    165 Reward Points
  20. Guinness Crew Neck Knit Jumper Bottle
    From US$30.00
    165 Reward Points
  21. Guinness Crew Neck Knit Jumper Black
    165 Reward Points
  22. Guinness Hoodie St James Gate Emblem Black
    190 Reward Points
  23. Guinness Harp Hooded Top Bottle
    US$28.00 US$37.00
    185 Reward Points
  24. Guinness Harp Fleece Jacket Black
    US$20.00 US$33.00
    165 Reward Points
  25. Women's Guinness Irish Label Long Sleeve Tee Black
  26. Guinness Suede Base Backpack Black / Brown
  27. Guinness Tweed Flat Cap
    85 Reward Points
  28. Guinness Ribbed Knit Hat Black
    70 Reward Points
  29. Guinness Speckle Bobble Hat
    70 Reward Points
  30. Guinness Shamrock Cap Bottle
    75 Reward Points
  31. Guinness Harp Socks Black / Bottle
    27 Reward Points
  32. Guinness Pint Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener
The ad said it, Guinness is good for you. Think the Dubliners, the Guinness Storehouse, St James Gate, part of historic Dublin where a Pint of plain is your only man! Time passes slowly when you’re waiting on the black stuff. Time to browse our Guinness online shop. Pure genius, where good things come to those who wait. Here’s to waiting. And shopping. And here’s to Arthur Guinness.