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  1. Men's Charley Éire Padded Jacket Marine / Green
    US$42.21 US$63.00
    500 Reward Points
  2. Men's Xander Éire T-Shirt Green / Grey
  3. Men's Xander Éire T-Shirt Grey / Green
  4. Kids' Xander Éire T-Shirt Green / Marine / Yellow
  5. Kids' Xander Éire T-Shirt Marine / Green / Yellow
  6. Men's Miller Éire Fleece Shorts Black / Amber
  7. Éire Knitted Bobble Hat
    80 Reward Points
  8. Men's Graffiti Éire Shorts Marine / Green / Amber
  9. Men's Shay Éire Brushed Sweatshirt White / Marine / Amber
    US$27.00 US$55.00
    135 Reward Points
  10. Men's Shay Éire T-Shirt White / Green / White
    US$16.00 US$31.00
    80 Reward Points
  11. Men's Shay Éire T-Shirt Marine / Green
    US$16.00 US$31.00
    80 Reward Points
  12. Men's Shay Éire T-Shirt Green / White
    US$16.00 US$31.00
    80 Reward Points
  13. Kids' Éire Bobby Brushed Full Zip Hoodie Marine / Green / Amber
  14. Kids' Éire Bobby T-Shirt Marine / Green / Amber
    US$17.42 US$26.00
    87 Reward Points
  15. Kids' Éire Bobby Brushed Skinny Bottoms Marine / Green / White
Show your Irish pride with the range of Irish themed products from O’Neills. Shop the range of Irish gifts including Irish t shirts, Ireland shirts and more. The range is a collection of hoodies, sweatshirts, bottoms and leisurewear that you can wear with pride, cheer on the boys in green or look your best while at the gym!