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  1. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Pre-School) (Swedish Blue/Neon Lime)
  2. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Pre-School) (Flo Pink/Neon Lime)
  3. Astrid Lace Trainers (Flo Pink/Neon Lime)
  4. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Infant) (Sky/Flo Pink)
    90 Reward Points
  5. Astrid Lace Trainers (Junior) (Sky/Flo Pink)
    110 Reward Points
O’Neills have handpicked the latest designer skinny pants, half zips and cosy hoodies that are guaranteed to be a worn all year round. Choose fantastic gifts for kids from our new Billie, Bobby, Kendall and Foster fashionalble pieces. Designer sportswear that they can wear all year round!