Ireland Premier Jersey with Shamrock Crest Blog Image by O'Neills

Introducing the Ireland Premier Jersey

Synonymous with Ireland, the shamrock is rooted deep in the history of the Emerald Isle. It represents our island, our history, our culture.

The three-leaf clover has become Ireland’s national symbol which is instantly recognisable across the world. The long-standing history originates from the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who used the shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity.

Displayed proudly on crests across multiple sporting codes over the years, including on the kits of the Ireland soccer and rugby teams, the shamrock signifies our rich heritage and pride for our country. First used in the 1920’s, the shamrock crest has had multiple variations throughout the decades.

The story behind the Ireland Premier Jersey

The Ireland Premier Jersey reinstates the traditional shamrock crest. A modern look for the iconic shamrock crest, the Ireland Premier Jersey is immersed in Irish heritage. The individual design elements tell a story, incorporating Ireland’s history, traditional Celtic art, and sporting passion.

Ireland Premier Jersey with gold shamrock crest breakout design features by O'Neills

Immediately the eye is drawn to the historic three sprig shamrock crest, embroidered with a rich gold thread for a premium look. Encased in a shield, this crest triggers nostalgic memories of some of the greatest sporting moments and players in Irish history. Present on kits which during the 1985 Rugby Triple Crown victory and the successful World Cup qualifier game in Spain in 1982.

A combination of the classic O’Neills logo, which was displayed on kits throughout the 70’s and 80’s, together with the new logo on the back of the neck creates a timeless jersey. The subtle Celtic knot design is symbolic of our Irish heritage and the roots of the Irish people spread widely across the globe. 

Wear the shamrock with pride.