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  1. Kilkenny GAA Home Jersey
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  2. Kilkenny GAA Goalkeeper Jersey
    From €70.00
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  3. Kilkenny GAA Vest (Adults)
    From €48.00
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  4. Kilkenny GAA Shorts
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  5. Kilkenny Socks
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  6. Kilkenny GAA Koolite Midi Socks
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  7. Kilkenny GAA Koolite Pro Midi Sock
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  8. Kilkenny GAA Aspen Polo (Marl Black/Amber)
  9. Kilkenny GAA Mercury Polo (Black)
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  10. Kilkenny GAA Solar 3S Polo Shirt (Black/Amber/White)
  11. Kilkenny GAA Solar 3S Brushed Half Zip Top (Mel Black/Amber/White)
  12. Kilkenny GAA Solar Hooded Gilet (Black/Amber/White)
  13. Kilkenny GAA Solar Soft Shell Jacket (Black/Amber/White)
  14. Kilkenny GAA Holland Jacket
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  15. Rimini Polo
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  16. Kilkenny GAA Ripped T-Shirt
    €10.00 €20.00
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  17. Kilkenny GAA Conall Eddie Padded Jacket
  18. Mens outdoor Jacket
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  19. Kilkenny GAA Toulon Cargo Shorts (Black)
  20. Kilkenny GAA X Force Gloves (Black/White)
  21. Kilkenny GAA Beacon Beanie Hat
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  22. Kilkenny GAA Denver Bag
    From €30.00
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  23. Kilkenny GAA Water Bottle (Black/Amber)
There’s no-one like the Cats and no manager like Brian Cody for getting it out of players. Success in 36 All Ireland GAA hurling finals, and always capable of anything come the hurling championship. The Kilkenny hurling jersey is synonymous with the game. We stock the Kilkenny GAA jersey, half zip, skinny joggers and training top. Also stocking the Kilkenny GAA kids range for the next Henry, TJ or DJ in your house. Cill Chainnigh Abú. C’mon the Cats.