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  1. Men's Thor Woven Pants Short Leg Marine / Blue
  2. Men's Thor Woven Pants Marine / Blue
    200 Reward Points
  3. Men's Shay Ireland Squad Skinny Pants Marine / Green
  4. Men's Nevis Squad Skinny Pants Marine / White / Royal
    240 Reward Points
  5. Foyle Brushed Skinny Pants Marine
    225 Reward Points
  6. Kane Brushed Skinny Pants Marine / Lake
  7. Kane Brushed Skinny Pants Marine / Maroon
  8. Kane Brushed Skinny Pants Marine / Sky
    240 Reward Points
  9. Durham Squad Skinny Pants (Navy/White)
    190 Reward Points
Men’s skinny joggers, skinny tracksuit bottoms or skinny pants – call them whatever you prefer but don’t compromise on quality with O’Neills. Designed to sit snugly against your legs with a tapered fit around the calves with an elasticated waistband. Men’s skinny joggers are an essential staple for any active man who likes to combine fashion with function.