Pick from the best kid’s trainer brands including Asics, Puma and Skechers all available now at O’Neills. The latest styles, fashions and technologies all in one place, take the stress out of kid’s footwear shopping!

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  1. Skechers Kids' Dynamight Defender Squad Trainers Red / Black
  2. Skechers Kids' Dreamy Lites PS Trainers Light Grey
    €22.00 €30.00
    110 Reward Points
  3. Skechers Kids' GOrun 600 Baxtux Infant Trainers Yellow / Black
  4. Skechers Kids' Microspec PS Trainers Navy / Lavender
    €24.00 €29.00
    120 Reward Points
  5. Skechers Kids' Solar Fuse GS Trainers Black / Multi
    €30.00 €42.00
    150 Reward Points
  6. Skechers Kids' S Lights: Dyna-Lights PS Trainers Black / Black
  7. Skechers Kids' GOrun Fast - Valor GS Trainers Black / White
  8. Skechers Kids' GOrun Fast - Valor GS Trainers Navy
    €24.00 €33.00
    165 Reward Points
  9. Skechers Kids' GOrun Fast Tharo Infant Trainers Blue / Lime
  10. Skechers Kids' Nitro Sprint - Krodon PS Trainers Navy / Lime
  11. Skechers Kids' GOrun Fast™ Neon Jams PS Trainers Blue / Multi
  12. Skechers Kids' Comfy Flex Moving On Infant Trainers Navy / Pink
  13. Skechers Kids' S Lights: Rainbow Racer Infant Trainers Blue
  14. Skechers Kids' S Lights: Thermo-Flash PS Trainers Navy / Lime
  15. Skechers Kids' Optico PS Trainers Red / Black
    €26.00 €35.00
    130 Reward Points
  16. Skechers Kids' Glimmer Kicks Shimmy Bright PS Trainers Navy
  17. Skechers Kids' S Lights: Flex-Glow Dezlo PS Trainers  Lime / Black
    €28.00 €38.00
    140 Reward Points
  18. Skechers Kids' Dyna-Lite Shimmer Streaks Trainers Pink / Multi
  19. Skechers Kids' Tread Lite Waterproof PS Trainers Navy / Pink
    €28.00 €40.00
    140 Reward Points
  20. Skechers Kids' GOrun Consistent PS Trainers Black / Multi
  21. Skechers Kids' S Slights : Rainbow Racer Infant Trainers Blue
  22. Skechers Kids' Dynamight Hero Status PS Trainers Pink / Puple
  23. Skechers Kids' S Lights: Fusion Flash PS Trainers Navy / Pink
  24. Skechers Kids' S Lights: Magna-Lights Infant Trainers Navy / Blue / Lime
  25. Skechers Kids' Wavetronic PS Trainers Black / Navy
    €22.00 €30.00
    110 Reward Points
Kids footwear shopping just got easier! O’Neills has brought all the best kid’s trainer brands in one easy to browse section featuring Puma, Skechers and Asics. Filter by size and brand now. Quality footwear they can depend on!