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  1. Tempo Velcro Trainer Infant Marine Green
  2. Tempo Velcro Trainer Infant Pink Marine
    110 Reward Points
  3. Tempo Velcro Trainer Pre-School Pink / Marine
  4. Tempo Velcro Trainer Pre-school Purple Marine
  5. Tempo Velcro Trainer Pre-school Royal Orange
  6. Tempo Laced Trainer Junior Pink White
    140 Reward Points
  7. Tempo Laced Trainer Junior Purple White
    140 Reward Points
  8. Tempo Laced Trainer Junior Marine White
  9. Tempo Laced Trainer Junior Royal / White
  10. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Infant) (Flo Pink/Neon Lime)
  11. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Pre-School) (Flo Pink/Neon Lime)
    125 Reward Points
  12. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Infant) (Sky/Flo Pink)
    110 Reward Points
  13. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Pre-School) (Marine/Flo Orange/Swedish Blue)
  14. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Pre-School) (Swedish Blue/Neon Lime)
  15. Astrid Lace Trainers (Junior) (Flo Pink/Neon Lime)
  16. Astrid Lace Trainers (Junior) (Sky/Flo Pink)
    140 Reward Points
  17. Mocha Kids Lace Trainer (Black/Silver)
    100 Reward Points
  18. Mocha Kids Velcro Trainer (Black/Silver)
O’Neills kid’s footwear combine function with fashion, these lightweight, durable trainers are seriously comfy and provide essential protection during P.E. classes or after school activities. Kids will love the fun designs and bright colours.