Starts With the Socks. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

How much attention do you pay to your choice of football socks? How many times have you heard it in the changing room. 'Anyone got a spare pair of socks?'

Al Pacino said it’s a game of inches. But given how important they are, it’s a game of feet too. So, if the sock fits….

Famed American basketball coach, John Wooden was known for his attention to detail in coaching. The first thing he did with a new cohort of players at UCLA basketball was to show them how to put on their socks and shoes. His reasoning was defined by a simple logic.

He considered socks, and how they were worn, the first building block in his team’s success. With all the quick-stop turning, changes of direction, changes of pace on the hardwood floor you have in basketball, this would cause blisters if the socks weren’t put on properly or had wrinkles. Likewise if players’ shoes weren’t properly fitting or laced up correctly. Fail to prepare. . . It was Wooden who said that too you know?

For such an important part of a players’ training and match day equipment, how much attention do they really pay to the all important matter of footwear. Young lads [and girls] will happily pay a hundred quid or more for a lightweight pair of modern football boots that fit like a glove and are made from lightweight materials with the latest on board micro chip.

But what’s the point if they wear the boots over a pair of odd socks, a pair of ankle socks or a pair of socks that don’t grip the foot to the boot allowing it to slide within the footwear. Aside from a lack of comfort, the wrong sock can lead to injury.

When you kit yourself or your team with O’Neills, you’re using a product that has been developed with hundreds of hours of research, refinement and results. Our socks, which come in two custom lengths are researched, designed and constructed in our state of the art sock design unit.

We have incorporated a number of features to help foot, ankle and calf support during performance sport:

-Super soft shaft that fits any leg perfectly and features a compression leg to alleviate muscle fatigue, aiding post exercise recovery
-Ankle protector supports and stabilises the potentially delicate ankle area. Also provides support for the Achilles tendon and reducing friction there from footwear.
-Foot design supports the natural padding and the sole of the foot. The high performance sock design cushions the step even under severe and prolonged strain.
-Toe cushioning minimises pressure points on toes and flat toe seam avoids irritation
-Ankle and heel cushioning minimises pressure points.
-Snug fitting W-Ring Bandage provide support to the metatarsus bones in the feet and supports the feet muscles during training and games
-High quality retains features even after repeated use and washing.

The next time you’re sorting out your kit. Don’t forget about the all important socks. It is a game of feet and inches!

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