Ten Reason Why The Club Championship Is Special

The GAA says the club is the most important unit of the Association. It’s where we start and where we end. The highlight of the Club year is the championship and if you’re lucky enough to be involved at the business end it can be a truly special time for players, supporters, mentors and the wider community. But why?


The Club Jersey
You’ve lived with that jersey since you were a youngster, the older players you looked up to wore the same club jersey as you did. Seeing it now on the big day, brings a lump to the throat.


The Buzz in the Local Paper
Seeing the lads in the paper, the slagging, the made up profiles... First medal won? Men’s Wimbledon Singles. Biggest Influence On Your Career? Tony Hawk. We get to know who has the biggest collection of cosmetics in the kitbag, who snores, who is a torture