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  1. Too Cool for Yule? Happy Hipstermas

    Too Cool for Yule? Happy Hipstermas

    Takes it all in his stride does he? A few achingly cool presents delivered every year to you with a minimum of effort? You know what he’s like – enigmatic. Nothing like contemplating Christmas with a thoughtful tug of the wispy beard. What to get the Hipster for Christmas? 

    1. The Headturner

    As with every Hipster, the O'Neills Hipster aims to be be unique. If they've had no joy rummaging through the aul lad's stash of gear, the next step will be a rummage through the O'Neills clubshops. The O'Neills Hispter rarely browses the IE clubshops, think Asia, Africa, the US

  2. Hawkeye Out for Cúl Yule Gear for Ladies Footballers

    Hawkeye Out for Cúl Yule Gear for Ladies Footballers

    No doubt, Ladies Footballers are among #TheToughest for sure. For a Cúl Yule for the wannabe Cora in your house, here’s some ladies football classics.

    1 The Jersey

    We have some Cúl Yule gear on stock ranging from the Mayo Jersey for wannabe Cora’s to the tidy number worn by Dublin All Ireland champions like Sinéad Aherne & co. County Jerseys.

    2 Gaelic Balls

    Often overlooked as a present for the Gaelic gals but ranging from a full on O’Neills All Ireland ball to three or four Inter County Trainers, it means you have enough balls to work on the old skills and firepower. Dublin coach Mick Bohan is a great advocate of using two balls at once to train both feet in half the time.

    3 Gaelic

  3. GAA Secret Santa? Stocking Fillers Under 20

    GAA Secret Santa? Stocking Fillers Under 20

    Can be tricky enough trying to find a few stocking fillers for the younger brother, son or godson et cetera. You might not want to go the whole hog and splash out on a spanking new GAA jersey. So here's some quickfire ideas to get this item of your shopping list and into the stocking.

    1 Midi Socks

    All the rage with players of all ages, the Midi sock comes in a range of colours. Provides foot and ankle support and about more freedom than the traditional sock. All the young lads want them. Fact.

    2. Inter-county trainer ball

    Excellent training ball that is the correct weight and size. Plenty of coaches use these on the training pitch so a good idea for a young Gael. Get them out of the house on Christmas day.

    3 Hurling Glove

  4. Wish It Could Be Camogie Everyday?

    Wish It Could Be Camogie Everyday?

    Yes let the girls ring out for Christmas. Having a Camog about the house means good craic, plenty of energy and plenty of broken ornaments and cracked mirrors. Every day’s a practice day when it comes to camogie and in our house pre season starts in the festive season when Setanta Claus drops off a bag of new gear. His secret supply of sliotars, some new hot Dakota gym gear and a new jersey or three.


    1. Gym Range

    First up, the O’Neills brilliant new Dakota range of new gym clothes, as worn by Cork Camogie’s own Ashling Thompson. Designed to be worn by Irish female athletes, it fits well. It’s practical. It looks great, feels classy, super fabrics that keep their shape and colour. Hardwearing and tough too.

    2. Hurling Helmet


  5. Hurling This Christmas with Setanta Claus

    Hurling This Christmas with Setanta Claus

    Setanta was a legendary hurler of old Ireland, he took on the name Cúchulainn and became the Hound of Ulster. He loved a present or two, especially if it involved hurling.

    So what do you get for the hurling legend in your life this festive season? Big brother, wee brother, boyfriend, da, husband, give them all sticks? Here’s some ideas from our very own Setanta Claus, O’Neills hurling’s Father Christmas.

    1. Half a dozen sliotars

    Or maybe even make it a dozen. The saying goes practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes permanent. One ball is no use to any man. For Christmas give him half a dozen or a dozen sliotars at least so he can puc away on his own.

    2. Hurling glove

    A flake on the hand can make any young hurler think again, and we’re not talking about the bar of chocolate. Our

  6. The International Rules Brigade

    The International Rules Brigade

    Fresh from pulling on the Irish jersey in the two game International Rules series, player after player has called for the series to continue.

    After an enthralling International Rules series there’s certainly plenty of enthusiasm among the players for continuing the games here and Down Under. The AFL are actively targeting a match in the East Coast of the US next time around, a move that would clearly appeal to the Irish American audience and the huge numbers of expats from both countries. GAA director general Paraic Duffy indicated that he is visiting the US in the coming weeks and would take the opportunity to review the stadia available.

    Five things to take away from the Series:


    Those Aussies Can play Ball

    The perception, wrongly over the years has been of the Australians as larger than life

  7. Inaugural Liberty Insurance Camogie All-Stars Tour set for take-off

    Inaugural Liberty Insurance Camogie All-Stars Tour set for take-off


    Two teams comprising the country’s top Camogie stars will jet out to Madrid next week as Camogie goes ‘On Tour’ to the Spanish capital for the inaugural Liberty Insurance Camogie All-Stars Tour.

    Recipients of All-Stars Awards from 2016 and 2017 as well as several nominees will take off for Madrid on Wednesday November 29th where they will play an exhibition match in Universidad Complutense de Madrid on Thursday November 30th.

    The teams will include stars from 8 counties including Cork’s Aoife Murray, Dublin’s Aisling Maher and Galway’s Rebecca Hennelly who were all in attendance at today’s launch in Croke Park. Murray collected an incredible 7th All-Stars Award this year whilst Dublin’s Maher collected her very first award after a summer to remember for the Dubs. Hennelly will

  8. With O’Neills Down Under

    With O’Neills Down Under

    Our Man in Oz with the International Rules team is Cormac Farrell. Cormac has been accompanying the players on their travels Down under as they’ve taken in the sights and sounds of Adelaide, met the local Irish expat community and attended a reception in the O’Neills Australia HQ hosted by our Australia Sales Manager, Antoinette Brophy. After a few days R&R the players arrived in Perth to prepare for the second Test at the Subiaco. They also took time out to visit the Famine and Immigration memorial recently unveiled by Uachtarán na hÉireann Michael D. Higgins during his State visit.

    Here are some extracts from Cormac’s Tour Diary.


    The official Ireland International Rules party touched down in Melbourne around 7.30pm after a brief stop off in Abu Dhabi. After 20 hours of flying, safe to say there

  9. International Rules All You Need to Know FAQ

    International Rules All You Need to Know FAQ

    The International Rules Series returns on 12 November, with Australia to host Ireland in a two-Test series in November. It will be the first time since 2013 that the series will feature two Tests. For GAA players pulling on that Ireland International Rules jersey is one of the highlights of their career. Here’s the lowdown from O’Neills.

    When and Where

    The open game takes place at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday 12 November, 6am kick-off Irish time, with the second clash pencilled in for the following Saturday in Perth venue, 8.45am kick-off Irish time.

    Was It Played Last year?

    No. After a one-year hiatus and following single-Test series in 2014 and 2015, the AFL and GAA did not play in 2016 but the series returns for 2017.

    Who Won Last Time?

    Ireland hold the Cormac McAnallen Trophy after defeating

  10. Back to Gold, Kerry and the Gold Standard

    Back to Gold, Kerry and the Gold Standard

    “Respected and well worn.” Proud sentiments for any jersey, in this case the new Kerry GAA jersey launched this week. Says it all.

    These were the words of Paul Galvin, former Kerry captain and design partner with O’Neills on the new Kingdom jersey. Having been asked to contribute to the concept and design of the jersey Paul described his inspiration, the  iconic Kerry ’85 jersey. The latest version offers a return to the strong & bold, green and gold of that shirt, worn on the Hogan Steps as he lifted Sam by none other than Kerry legend, the late & great Paidí Ó Sé.

    We have chosen the phrase Back to Gold for the jersey. A return to the golden era of Kerry football, to inspire and encourage a new