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  1. Rules Guide to the International Rules Series

    Rules Guide to the International Rules Series

    The International Rules series stokes up passionate debate among GAA followers. For some it was often associated with outbreaks of handbags but even then there were frequent breathtaking moments of skill from both teams. The men in the Ireland jersey have proved themselves a match for their professional Australian counterparts, despite their amateur status.

    Here’s a recap on the compromise rules so you know what you’re talking about when you’re shouting at the television early on a November morning.

    The Tackle

    Grabbing between the shoulders and thighs and pulling to the ground is permitted. Obviously this isn’t allowed in Gaelic games, though that doesn’t mean we don’t see it from time

  2. Four Legends, Three Jerseys, Two Codes

    Four Legends, Three Jerseys, Two Codes

    How many jerseys can a player wear? Good question.

    The Dual Player. Very much in danger of becoming extinct, just like the dodo. However, the dodo didn’t have to play two codes for multiple different teams, and represent club, county, and province. And latterly the country too in the International Rules.

    It’s hard to pick out many real dual players in the modern era at county level. It’s practically impossible to serve two sports let alone two managers with the demands on players.

    In the past there were many legendary figures that soldiered for their county in two codes, Teddy McCarthy a dual All Ireland winner in the same year with

  3. Slaughtneil Club Three for Two Bid Drawing Massive Interest

    Slaughtneil Club Three for Two Bid Drawing Massive Interest

    On Sunday the remarkable Slaughtneil GAA club from Derry continued their run when the footballers defeated a fancied Kilcoo from Down in a first round Ulster Football Championship tie. Their All Ireland winning camogie team are out this weekend. We are running out of words to describe the Club’s achievement and commitment.

    The previous Sunday at Derry’s Owenbeg complex, 6142 spectators paid in to watch the Ulster Senior Club hurling semi final. Antrim champions Dunloy faced Slaughtneil who are bidding to win 3 Ulster senior titles for the second year in a row. Estimates of the real attendance were much higher, this figure doesn’t include juveniles under 16 who aren’t charged entry or the large number of people delayed by traffic who were admitted free when the gates were thrown open at half time. The total number was easily well over 7000.

    The mega attendance at an Ulster club hurling match has prompted raised eyebrows, much discussion

  4. Dublin 3-in-a-row History Makers

    Dublin 3-in-a-row History Makers

    Commemorate the Dublin GAA 3-in-row team of 2015-17. History makers, this group of players are the first Dublin team to achieve this remarkable feat in over 100 years. The 15 | 16 | 17 Dublin team will be remembered as one of the greatest Gaelic football teams ever assembled. A remarkable era with players of the highest calibre, Dean Rock, McMahon, Kilkenny, O’Sullivan, McCaffrey and led by Jim Gavin. Legends of the game, they’ve left the Dublin jersey in a better place for the generations to come.

    2017 belongs to Dublin and the three in a row. Rare Auld Times!

    2015 Third All Ireland in Five Years

    The first leg of what was to become the 3-in-a-row, this was a third All-Ireland title success in five seasons for Dublin and the second victory