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  1. Seven of the Toughest Trading Places?

    Seven of the Toughest Trading Places?

    The pinnacle of many a Gaelic footballer’s career is pulling on that green Ireland International Rules jersey. That is the only international dimension currently for the GAA. 

    Are some of our best players missing a trick and playing the wrong game? The RTE series The Toughest Trade as we know throws up scenarios where well known GAA players swap roles with professional sportsmen and see how they get on. 

    So we’ve had Michael Murphy trying his hand at rugby with Clermont Auvergne, Lee Chin took to the ice to play hockey; we’ve had Jackie Tyrrell hitting a few baseballs and Aaron Kernan played soccer at Sunderland. The traffic of pro sportsmen the other direction is as interesting, Shane Williams togged out and impressed on the Gaelic pitch. Typically Pro Sports cannot understand how the GAA is amateur, given the fitness and

  2. The Often Spotted Irish Sports Male

    The Often Spotted Irish Sports Male

    Yes, we all know that the Irish male loves his sport. But how far do you take it in your pursuit of sport? Do you own an O'Neills Ireland Retro jersey that pays homage to Chippy Brady, John Giles and Kevin Moran? Do you know the answer to the perennial question ‘Who put the ball in English net?’ If you're of an older vintage, do you remember where you were when Packie Bonnar saved that penalty. We’ve constructed five easy questions to see just how fanatical an Irish sports fan you are.

    1. On St Patrick's Day, do you:

    A Plan your entire day around sport, making sure if you cannot get to Croke Park you synchronise all activities to ensure you can watch all the action live. You'll even slot in the MacRory cup final on the BBC player.

    B You'll be out and about having the craic and sure if you find yourself in a bar when the