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  1. Kerry and Dublin. Back to the Future.

    Kerry and Dublin. Back to the Future.

    Famously, and according to John B Keane, a Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he's just as good as everybody else.

    Their reputation will be tested in the coming days. Coming up against a Dublin GAA team who look invincible, they’ll need every ounce of Kerry cute hooredness to prevail.

    You can wander the highways and byways of Kerry and you’re sure to meet a lad walking along maybe clipping hedges or ricking turf and he’ll have the distinctive jangle of medals in the back pocket. He’ll no more look like a footballer, but in the past he’ll have been part of the green and gold horde striding through Croke Park.

    The Munster medals they don’t even bother carrying about in the back pocket, they weigh the trousers down that much.

    Dublin on Top

    In the Spillane household alone there

  2. 10 Bargains in the O'Neills Summer Sale

    10 Bargains in the O'Neills Summer Sale

    It’s the end of the summer and here at O’Neills HQ we have some great items on offer in our summer sale. Not everything is available in every size or style, but if you’re prepared to have a look you can pick up some great gear. Note you’ll get reward points with everything you buy. Here are some bargains to look out for.

    Children’s Berne Jacket

    Available across a range of counties, Mayo GAA, Tyrone GAA, Meath

  3. Higher, Faster, Stronger at GAA World Games

    Higher, Faster, Stronger at GAA World Games

    Salim Al Rahbi plays for Oman GAA. He's as proud a Gael as any clubman. The German hurling team have 21 out of 26 players that are native Germans. Juan Patricio Wade plays for Argentina. It could be the Olympics we’re talking about but it’s the GAA equivalent, the World Games, that drew to a close this weekend in Croke Park. It was a massive success with native and Irish teams living the GAA dream.

    The GAA scene is flourishing worldwide. In the States this week NFL draft prospect, kicker Patrick Murray who plays The Gridiron game with Fordham talked of the influence and inspiration Gaelic football has had on him. "I try to watch as much Gaelic football as I can, it is my first love." As expats and first generation Irish continue to spread the games as well as their songs and music, the GAA is flourishing like never before.

    World Games

    The GAA World Games ended with the finals on Friday in Croke Park. Over 1,100 people from 56 teams

  4. Tipperary Footballers. Saviours of the Summer?

    Tipperary Footballers. Saviours of the Summer?

    Whatever else happens, the summer of 2016 will be remembered for the exploits of the Tipperary football team. An unlikely success story? Not at all. Things like Tipperary GAA’s advance through the championship this summer rarely happen by chance. The evidence was there for those that chose to look at it. We did.

    “Tipperary footballers. A team no-one will fancy drawing in the qualifiers.”

    This is what we stated earlier in the year:


    And the Rest: August Hopes

    "Tipperary. The footballers from Tipp are a genuine problem for any team they encounter this year. U21 success, married with the progress of Clonmel Commercials who should really have contested the All Ireland Club Final, has given football a shot in the arm. Will be disappointed they didn’t progress in the league but under Liam Kearns and

  5. Paddy’s Winning Matches

    Paddy’s Winning Matches

    Your defence is terrified McBrearty’s on Fire. 7/11 from play. Take a bow my son.

    Paddy McBrearty was well known in Donegal football before he made his debut for the senior team against Antrim on the same day as he scored a goal and three points for their minors.  

    He tells himself how immediately after the minor game that day he was whisked off the field for a big feed of pasta so that he could come back out as required for the seniors. Ironically under the current GAA rules it is likely that as a minor he wouldn’t be eligible to play.

    There were suggestions from a few GAA pundits during the week that the previous Donegal management team weren’t convinced of McBrearty’s ability to last the full seventy. Hence his frequent appearances as a substitute. Donegal GAA already had in their side in the brilliant Colm McFadden a strong