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  1. Catechism of Cliché. Intensity. Workrate. Belief. Hunger.

    Catechism of Cliché. Intensity. Workrate. Belief. Hunger.

    We’ve reached that mid season point where the talking points are a plenty, there’s pride in the jersey, intensity is savage and the cliché’s are the usual old.

    Twas Myles na gCopaleen aka Flann O’Brien first raised the Catechism of cliché and its time has come again. So here’s a few to get the ball do what? Rolling!

    In what must the players take pride? The Jersey.

    And of what size is the O’Neills? Five.

    Of what is intensity always? Savage

    And hunger likewise? Savage.


    And what of pace? Serious altogether.


    According to Davy Fitz, there’s a lot of what been written about Clare? Stuff.


    And what digestive tract, according to Ger Loughnane, do Galway hurlers have less of? Gut

    And of what do the current Dublin carry aplenty in the back pockets? Medals.

  2. Wearing the Jersey, Living The Dream

    Wearing the Jersey, Living The Dream

    This week on social media Tyrone GAA player Cathal McShane posted  a picture of himself in 2003 with Mickey Harte, juxtaposed alongside a shot taken with his manager in the aftermath of last week’s Ulster Final.  In 2003 as a youngster McShane would no doubt have had among his heroes the likes of Peter Canavan, Owen Mulligan and Sean Cavanagh.

    They say you should never meet your heroes. But here is the young Cathal McShane playing alongside a man he likely idolised and for a manager he dreamt of player under. His short Instagram message said “20013-2016 – 13 years. Always work hard towards your goal in life. Unbelievable.” It’s good when a plan comes together.

    The one thing about the GAA, among all the slings and arrows that point in its direction, is its ability to take a lad from the club at the end of a narrow winding lane and transport

  3. An Attack of the Clones: 9 Things About the Ulster Final

    An Attack of the Clones: 9 Things About the Ulster Final

    This Sunday it’s back. Clones in July. Can only mean one thing and that’s the Ulster Football Final. This year Donegal GAA and Tyrone GAA renew acquaintance. Yes we know that. 

    Most people, other than the people who live there have rarely ventured to Clones for reasons other than attending a match at St Tiernach’s Park. And that is more the pity.  It rewards a trip and a stay in the off-season too. It’s fun, and it’s friendly. For those who don’t know it, Clones is a small market town in North Monaghan. The people are friendly and they are stoic about their twin causes of fame. Ulster football and Barry McGuigan. Yes, for those of an age, the Clones Cyclone was the big story in Irish boxing

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  4. Play it Again in Ulster

    Play it Again in Ulster

    This weekend we see both Ulster Football Championship semi final replays. They will be observed by afar from many with a degree of disdain. Ulster football. Ulster football to the uninitiated is considered a sort of faction fight with an O’Neills football thrown in for good measure.

    But for the diehard Ulster football aficionado, a good tight match in Ulster is the highlight of early summer. And don’t be surprised this weekend if both matches attract a decent crowd, as all four counties, Tyrone, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal approach the games optimistically. The two Ulster semi finals have been the best games this summer so far.

    In 2014 Dublin GAA and Kerry