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  1. Six Things You Get to Do When You Play for Your County

    Six Things You Get to Do When You Play for Your County

    The other night Westmeath GAA’s Warren Casserly finished the u21 match against Kilkenny GAA with a goal to his name and a significant slice in his head. As the saying goes pain is temporary but the glory lasts forever. Don’t ask what your county can do for you but what you can do for your county. For Warren and hundreds of other lads, it is worth it. What’s in a jersey?

    Westmeath don't beat Kilkenny in hurling matches, the just don't. But they did. And for Warren and every man among them it made every minute of everything they've done worthwhile. Not to mention the grown men openly weeping in the stand. The county game. The pinnacle of your career. Epictetus the Greek knew all about it.

    So you wish to conquer in the Olympic

  2. Six Things Dublin Gave the GAA

    Six Things Dublin Gave the GAA

    The Dublin Jersey: Style and Finesse

    There’s something about the Dublin GAA jersey. Reminds you of an Irish summer. For years now the Dubs have been trendsetters.

    From the change to navy shorts from white in 1974 on the advice of media presenter Mick Dunne because it would look better on the telly; to the famous white O’Neills tracksuits they wore onto the field for the All Ireland final, the Dubs epitomized cool. 

    In the seventies, the Dublin players were like stars in the city, at a time when the GAA was at a low ebb and needed a injection of life and quickly. The sky blue jersey with the famous navy and white trim, a classic. It was instantly cool, and the sort of kit others wanted to mimic and source. I remember a primary school team looking like mini Dubs with the same shirts and shorts. Since then it’s been one classic

  3. Derry and Tyrone. Old Friends.

    Derry and Tyrone. Old Friends.

    In 1995 Tyrone GAA took on Derry GAA in the Championship in Clones. Tyrone wore all white, Derry all red, as they will do this Sunday when they meet. It was a classic day for an attack of the Clones championship sunburn. Home with half the face the colour of the Derry jersey and the other the colour of the Tyrone one.

    The temperature was in the late twenties, pitch side it was even higher. Not long after the ball was thrown in the temperature rose further on the field. In the terraces, it didn’t take long to follow suit.

    Seamus McCallan was the first Tyrone player to walk, followed by Paschal Canavan, lined for an altercation with current Derry manager Damian Barton. The Oakleafers were three up at half time 8-5 and there was a sense of chaos

  4. Widnes Vikings Supporting Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Charity

    Widnes Vikings Supporting Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Charity

    For the second year running Widnes Vikings are supporting the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation in its work in researching and treating cancer patients.  The specially designed Vikings jersey by O’Neills is a key element in the fundraising.

    Dacia Magic Weekend

    The Dacia Magic Weekend is now only days away and as St James’ Park, Newcastle prepares to open its doors to the Rugby League spectacular for a second consecutive year, the Vikings are busy delivering a final push for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

    Back in January, the Vikings announced the launch of the ‘Tackling Cancer...#ImOnIt’ campaign, an initiative aimed at collecting £10 donations from supporters in exchange for their name being incorporated into the fabric of the Clubs special edition 2016 Magic Weekend Jersey.

    Supporters and Celebrities Joined on Vikings Jersey

    The initiative was hugely successful with an allocation of 3000 names completed

  5. The Championship Starts Now

    The Championship Starts Now

    It’s all about to kick off. Or throw in as the case may be.

    All Geared Up For the Championship

    This weekend in Offaly, Louth, in Fermanagh and Antrim, Laois and Longford, Carlow and Wicklow the final preparations are in place for the start of the championship.

    Imagine if every county captain gave his speech at the start of the year instead of the end, the things he would say, the hopes, the expectations, the dreams. The people that have brought us to this great day. Only four men can lift a provincial football championship and only one lucky man will ascend those Hogan Steps in four month’s time.

    Fail to Prepare Prepare to Fail

    Getting a team to the championship starting line is a big enough ask. Every man and woman has his or her part to play no matter how big or how small. The Co Board flat out sorting tickets. Logistics in the form of food and transport for players. Maybe a minor team to sort out as well. All hands to the

  6. Media Release: New Dublin GAA Jersey unveiled at AIG Head Office

    Media Release: New Dublin GAA Jersey unveiled at AIG Head Office

    New kit to be worn by all four codes for the championship season

    Dublin GAA officially unveiled their new O'Neills playing kit at an event at official sponsors AIG Insurance's Head Offices in the capital today. To mark the event AIG wrapped its building in a giant version of the new look jersey from early this morning.

    This is the second new jersey introduced by Dublin since AIG's sponsorship began in late 2013. The previous version has been the biggest selling GAA jersey in history.

    Available to buy from tomorrow on and in sports outlets across Dublin and the country (RRP €65) the new jersey takes its inspiration from Dublin jerseys of the past staying true to the heritage and history that makes it sacred to Dublin players and supporters. It reflects the #DrawnFromHistory social media campaign which has supported the much anticipated launch.

    The jersey will be

  7. Take Pride in the Keeper’s Jersey

    Take Pride in the Keeper’s Jersey

    Earlier this week in the latest of his excellent series of articles, Clare GAA's coaching development officer Peter Casey touched upon the vital importance of the goalkeeper in hurling and football. More than ever it is a skill position with unique demands. Pulling on that goalkeeper’s jersey requires skill and grace under pressure.

    “It is important that the training they do prepares them for the demands of a position. For example in senior inter county games, a goalkeeper may take somewhere between 20 and 40 puc outs/kickouts in a game. He will hope that his team retains possession about 65% of the time. A goalie will usually use a different striking or kicking technique depending on whether they go long or short.”

    A Skill Position

    Goalkeeping has always been a skill position and the role has become increasingly crucial in modern

  8. Leicester City: Five Tales of Underdogs Having Their Day

    Leicester City: Five Tales of Underdogs Having Their Day

    All season long pundits and players alike have been waiting for Leicester City to stumble and fail. Former player and fan Gary Lineker made the ill-advised promise he’d present Match of the Day in his underpants if Leicester won the league. If ever there was a downside of an underdog being successful that is it. But we digress. What makes Leicester’s achievement is that they sustained the performance level across the marathon English league season. This time last year they battled to avoid relegation. After a pre season scandal Nigel Pearson, the manager who led their relegation battle was sacked along with three players. The man the board chose to replace him, Claudio Ranieri who had been cruelly dubbed the ‘Tinkerman’ after his ill judged team selections and substitutions were deemed to have cost him silverware.

    Leicester Give it Dilly Ding Dilly Dong.

    Bringing superb organisation and passion to the Leicester team Ranieri brought together