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  1. Johann Cruyff The Dutch Master

    Johann Cruyff The Dutch Master

    It could refer to any team sport. Gaelic football, hurling, soccer, rugby. Space, movement, tracking back, pressing the opposition. Every man or woman in the jersey knowing his or her role. Able to fill a couple of positions. A good work ethic and high fitness.

    In our own Gaelic Games we have numerous adherents to aspects of the ‘Total’ way of playing games. Eamon O’Shea with his emphasis on space and movement; Mickey Harte with his fit and skilled players who can join the attack and as an attacker filters back to cover and Brian Cody with his emphasis on forward workrate. Jim Galvin’s Dublin pressing the opposition with a high line and sweeping attacking moves with wide players coming in at pace. It’s the way these days.

    This week the world of sport is a poorer place with the passing of the consummate Dutch master Johann Cruyff. An advocate of space, time, movement, pressing and the consummate team player. Demanding of his teammates to ensure

  2. Talking Points

    Talking Points

    The hurlers had a weekend to themselves, and grabbing the spotlight were Clare and Kilkenny, while Kerry continued their progress with their first win in Offaly in 60 years. The pairings for the league quarter-finals have now been resolved.

    Hurling Top Flight for Clare

    Clare made their return to the top flight of hurling after a 4 point win over Limerick, in the process condemning the treaty men to another season

  3. Easter Exciting with O’Neills Kids Clothes

    Easter Exciting with O’Neills Kids Clothes

    Easter means Spring is here and with it the longer evenings to get the kids gear on and get them out the door. At O’Neills we have a superb range of popular kids clothing that makes a perfect Easter treat. Here’s eight exciting Easter ideas.

    Lazer Football Boots

    The star player on the Club GAA team may have a big set of boots to fill, it’s a tough job and someone has to do it. But no time to start like the present with a pair of O’Neills football boots. Available in a full range of sizes, with various stud options suitable for astro and grass. Also features a child friendly design and Velcro for easy fastening.


  4. What’s in A Jersey – Talking Points

    What’s in A Jersey – Talking Points

    Cork Jersey Reaction

    Anyone tuning in on Saturday night probably did an instinctive double take and wondered who the Cats were playing in the unfamiliar blue jerseys. On the night, Cork were evidently inspired by the spirit of 1916 to put on a tremendous display of hurling, in contrast to some lacklustre performances to date, particularly last week’s capitulation to Dublin. With Séamus Harnedy, Lehane and McDonnell to the fore they led going into the last ten minutes. That might see you home against other sides but not Kilkenny and almost inevitably, John Power broke Rebel hearts with a point at the death. The

  5. Cork GAA Jersey Change to Commemorate Easter 1916

    Cork GAA Jersey Change to Commemorate Easter 1916

    Cork 1916 Commemoration Jersey

    As part of the Easter Rising centenary commemoration, Cork will wear a special jersey designed in the style and colours worn by Cork teams of 1916 for their match this weekend against Kilkenny. It’s not known whether they will also use the sort of hurley featured instead of their trademark big bas camans as they bid to get a result against the Cats.

    Cork teams wore this jersey in blue fabric with an embroidered 'C’ until 1919. Then during a raid on the Cork County Board office, the British army confiscated

  6. Fail Again. Fail Better. Learning from Defeats

    Fail Again. Fail Better. Learning from Defeats

    Derry, Armagh, Tipperary, Cork and Donegal all lost at the weekend. Is it true that you can learn more from defeat than victory? The evidence is that you can.

    McGregor Will Be Back

    After all the hype and coverage, Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz in UFC 196. After the bout he engaged in a serious bout of introspection, but also took a well aimed shot at his critics, many of whom took to social media to mock and taunt him in defeat: “When the history books are written, I showed

  7. Tyrone and Derry is The Real Derby

    Tyrone and Derry is The Real Derby

    Tyrone GAA and Derry GAA is The Real Derby

    As a player Damian Barton knew all about derby matches with near neighbours Tyrone. Never a man to take a backward step against the old rivals across the Sperrins, his absence from the sideline on Saturday will be noted by his players. Taking his place on the sideline will be Brian McGuckin, beside the typically inscrutable Mickey Harte. Healy Park, Saturday night. Tyrone v Derry Part IV. Be there. Or catch it on Setanta.

    Nothing gets the blood pumping for a true Derry man like the sight of that white O’Neills Tyrone jersey, you can see it in their faces, the hands wringing, agitation and annoyance. While for the Tyrone supporter the