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  1. 3 for 2 – Jerseys around the World

    3 for 2 – Jerseys around the World

    It’s 3 for 2 time again – so which jerseys are going straight in your basket?
    To really stand out and show off to your pals, it’s important not to forget about our jerseys from around the globe. Have a scan through the below for all the jersey inspiration you will need this week!

    Each club has its own story and its own legends of the game. Some are more youthful than others. We’re proud to work with clubs worldwide. Here’s a taste of some of our partners.


    South Africa Gaels

    Established in 2010 South Africa Gaels made it to these shores last Spring as part of a tour that took in the Gulf Games in Dubai. Comprising expats and locals from the Gauteng region in South Africa, the players impressed with their grasp of the skills of Gaelic football. Even more eye catching was their

  2. 5 Evil Things That Lie Within… Your Kit Bag

    5 Evil Things That Lie Within… Your Kit Bag

    Halloween. The horror, the horror.  The Kitbag that has lain unopened, undisturbed, stinking and dispossessed for many’s a day. Open, at your peril.

    You know the story. Can happen easily enough. Season’s end. The gear bag lies in the car a week or two. Ripe. Or as a cub, your ma unzips and lets rip.

    Five Evil Things That Live in Your Kit Bag


    1 Socks

    Hot summer days means hot sweaty feet. You’d think the El Diablo himself was wearing them. Nasty, brutish, smelly and damp. Time to light the fire and invest in a new pair of O’Neills.

    2 Baselayer

    Anything in close contact with the skin is a breeding ground for bacteria. If something with two demonic black arms makes a move towards you, it’s your baselayer