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  1. Freshers 15. Survival of the Fittest.

    Freshers 15. Survival of the Fittest.

    There he is. You recognise him from the telly. Half zip initialled, monogrammed. The jersey with legend under the badge. All Ireland Final. Ulster Final. Munster Final. Whatever it is. Full of it? Wait, it ain’t necessarily so. Freshers. Here we go again.

    The Blog Stereotypes

    The blogs these days are full of the stereotypes you find in the dressing rooms up and down the country. Freshers teams full of it. This labelling of lads and girls. Is it fair?

    The Personalities

    The bluffer. The county man. The mercurial genius. That lad who didn’t quite make it but could have. The fat guy with the twinkle toes. The Witch on the pitch. The earrings, sun shimmer, painted nails, she’d cut ye in two. The Enforcer, in the bar, in the nightclub on the pitch. The ladies man, shoots for show, tackles like a sow. The chubby sub, do it for the subs he bleats every time. But he’s a great man at training, probably there more often than the regulars.

  2. Camogie Rises Again in it Purest Form

    Camogie Rises Again in it Purest Form

    Camogie in the Press

    It's been an eventful year for Camogie. In some respects it has never been more popular. And rarely has it so often been in the news. All publicity is good publicity.

    A WAG I know suggested tongue firmly in cheek that the coverage in the media of all the controversies showed how wily the Camogie Association had become in the PR endeavours. My conspiracy theory friend suggested the powers that be had created the publicity to get their game in the news. This same person I might add contends that the moon landing never took place; that the earth is flat and Shergar just ran away.

    If all the people who had an opinion on puc fada, holiday prizes, coin tosses and appeals turn up at Croke Park on Sunday to show their new found interest in the sport then headquarters will be bursting at the seams like an old pair of jogging bottoms you squeezed into more in hope than expectation. Lets park the likelihood of that happening and the mental

  3. A Feast Day for the Sliotarati

    A Feast Day for the Sliotarati

    Kilkenny back in an All Ireland, playing Galway. The West’s Awake but the Cats are back again, one year older. One year wiser. A few good men lighter. Yes. Normal service. We expected Tipp to be there with them but by God Galway earned their place in that classic.

    Live Sport Not As We Know It

    On SKY sports this week we had transfer deadlines day and all the hype that brings. Lads that haven’t played a senior championship match in their lives changing hands for 36 million. Elsewhere a tale of two goalies played out with neither man going anywhere.

    That’s the thing about the GAA, come All Ireland finals day. We don’t need artificial stimulation to stir the passion and get the juices flowing. The mere mention of Kilkenny and Galway brings back

  4. O'Neills Archive: Something Only We Know. . . The Secret’s Out!

    O'Neills Archive: Something Only We Know. . . The Secret’s Out!

    A third consecutive draw in the All Ireland hurling final apparently would have been a 1500/1 shot with any bookie willing to offer a price back in 2012. There not having been previously a hurling draw since before Setanta took on the Hound of Cullian, it was not a wager any right thinking punter would have made. Still if we had access to a trusty De Lorean, a hefty dose of hindsight and the means to get back to the future a few quid on it would have made perfect sense. The debate today has been just how good was this match in the pantheon of great All Ireland Hurling Finals.

    The last few minutes of the game as described by Marty Morrissey and Donal Óg Cusack have been doing the rounds