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  1. Ireland Wheelchair Basketball Team

    Ireland Wheelchair Basketball Team

    From all here at O'Neills we would like to extend our congratulations to the Ireland Wheelchair Basketball team, who have just returned from an excellent campaign at the European Championships in Portugal. It's been a great pleasure working with the squad and we wish them continued success for the future. Check out the tour report below from Declan King. 

    The O'Neill's sponsored Irish Wheelchair Basketball team put in an incredible performance before going out of the European Championships in Portugal at the semi final stage to the tournament favourites Bosnia.

    Jason Kennedy's Irish warriors got off to a brilliant start with an 86-42 victory against Greece the Tuesday.
    There were superb performances from Kennedy, Mike McKillop and the veteran Michael Cunningham as the Boys in Green were never in trouble.
    Ireland played the host nation Portugal next and in a Titanic struggle the home side shaded it 56-54.

  2. Hurling in The United States

    Hurling in The United States

    It always seemed that gaelic football was the more likely of the gaelic games to become widely played worldwide, however in recent years hurling has gained a foothold in the United States, increasingly common among non Irish communities, where players are attracted by the skill and physicality of a game that they say has it all.

    Hurling has featured in North America since reports in the late 1700s reported matches between rival Irish immigrants, with the occasional row breaking out among players and partisans!

    At the start of the twentieth century there were about a dozen American hurling clubs. Indeed in 1910 a group of American hurlers toured Ireland and in the 1930s teams from the States played in the Tailteann Games.

    Hurling is now spreading beyond the Irish communities in the United States with some success. More and more unfamiliar, yet distinctively Irish hurling and gaelic football jerseys are appearing on the O’Neills website. There is a thriving interest