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  1. Parker Fleece Skinny Pants (Marine/Royal/Emerald/White)
  2. Parker Squad Skinny Pants (Marine/Emerald/Royal/White)
  3. Penelope T-Shirt (Powder Pink/Sugar Pink)
    From €18.00
    90 Reward Points
  4. Penelope Printed Leggings (Marl Grey)
    From €29.00
    145 Reward Points
  5. Penelope Squad Skinny Pants (Marine/Florida Keys/Sugar Pink)
  6. Kendall Padded Gilet (Marl Sugar Pink)
    From €40.00
    200 Reward Points
  7. Penelope French Terry Skinny Pants (Marl Marine/Sugar Pink)
  8. girls jacket
    From €40.00
    200 Reward Points
  9. Holly Jacket (Marine/Flo Pink)
    From €40.00
    200 Reward Points
  10. Ellis Retro Cotton T-Shirt (Marine) (Kids)
    From €16.00
    80 Reward Points
  11. Ellis Retro Cotton T-Shirt (Melange Evergreen) (Kids)
  12. Kane 3S Brushed Skinny Pants (Marine/Melange Marine) (Kids)
  13. Kane 3S Brushed Skinny Pants (Black/Melange Black) (Kids)
  14. Astrid Lace Trainers (Junior) (Flo Pink/Neon Lime)
  15. Astrid Lace Trainers (Junior) (Sky/Flo Pink)
  16. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Pre-School) (Sky/Flo Pink)
  17. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Infant) (Sky/Flo Pink)
  18. Astrid Velcro Trainers (Infant) (Flo Pink/Neon Lime)
  19. Chester Down Filled Hooded Jacket (Marl Marine) (Kids)

O’Neills have handpicked the latest designer skinny pants, half zips and cosy hoodies that are guaranteed to be a worn all year round. Choose fantastic gifts for kids from our new Scarlett and Jude sportswear ranges. For the farm loving youngsters check out our new 2018 Ploughing Jerseys. With festive weekly offers available, O’Neills has Christmas all wrapped up!