Wish It Could Be Camogie Everyday?

Yes let the girls ring out for Christmas. Having a Camog about the house means good craic, plenty of energy and plenty of broken ornaments and cracked mirrors. Every day’s a practice day when it comes to camogie and in our house pre season starts in the festive season when Setanta Claus drops off a bag of new gear. His secret supply of sliotars, some new hot Dakota gym gear and a new jersey or three.


1. Gym Range

First up, the O’Neills brilliant new Dakota range of new gym clothes, as worn by Cork Camogie’s own Ashling Thompson. Designed to be worn by Irish female athletes, it fits well. It’s practical. It looks great, feels classy, super fabrics that keep their shape and colour. Hardwearing and tough too.

2. Hurling Helmet

Our helmets are savage popular with camogie players, the washable lining helps so your hair don’t stink! Get one in your club colours, or add the bling of some weird colour combos, a badge and your name.

3. Ash Hurley

We’re passionate about ash, natural first touch, a lovely feel and soft grain. Get a Torpey ash Hurley from O’Neills,

4. Your own Secret Santa Sliotar Supply

If you have your own secret stash of camogie sliotars you can do your own thing. No more asking can you borrow beg or steal from the club or worse the brother. Perfect practice makes permanent, so do your Camog a favour and this season give her own supply of sliotars. From an early age, bring your daughter to the sliotar!

5. Rebounder Net

The Rebounder net. Not for use indoors. Ok maybe but no, you’ll have trouble getting it into the bedroom with all the other stuff in there. Improves catching, first touch and hand to eye.

6. New Jersey

A Christmas jumper? What about the Jersey of current all Ireland champions Cork? As worn by Ashling Thompson, Rena Buckley and Gemma O’Connor? The famous blood and bandage.

7. Camogie Referee’s Jersey

Who makes the big decisions in your life? Want to be different or confuse your teammates? Or you may fancy yourself as a whistler. Buy a camogie referee’s jersey.

8. Pink Melange or trois?

A few new jerseys are just what’s needed coming into the new season, and what better than our latest pink jersey range with a beautiful melange effect.


9. Hurling Glove

Won’t protect the nails but it’ll keep a girl from getting her knuckles rapped. Play safe and wear a glove. Makes it safer reaching for a high ball.

10. Midi Socks

The midi grip socks look the part. Ankle support and fashion go hand in hand. Step up in style.