What sports equipment do you need to keep busy during lock down?

April brought us unprecedented hours of sunshine, so we decided to bring you a range of products to help stave off the boredom at home and make the most of your garden while we are all in lockdown. See a guide to the items we currently have available on our website that can help you and the kids get through the long days at home!

Rebounders and Training Aids

No longer limited to professional teams and players, rebounders and training aids came to prominence in the last number of years for individuals looking to hone their skills at home outside of team training sessions. Hurls at the ready to keep you touch and accuracy sharp with our Hurley master and our hurling mega rebounder. Soccer enthusiasts can keep their accuracy and touch up to speed with our precision dual rebounders. For goalkeepers we have the precision pro mini rebounder which is perfect for keeping you on your toes without the need for a training partner! 
You can shop the range available here.



Recreate the most iconic goals in history in the comfort of your back yard. Will it be Mugsy Vs the Dubs in 2005 at Croke Park or that Davy Fitz goal Vs Limerick from the 1995 Munster final? We also have a wide range of soccer goalposts available for any soccer fans looking to create some of the great goals! Our multisport steel goal is best for Rugby, Football and Hurling fanatics!

You can shop the range here.



For both of the aforementioned activities, some equipment might come in handy 😀 Choose from our iconic All-Ireland football, our range of Gaelic trainers, and inter-county footballs. For the younger Gaelic Football player at home we have the first touch, smart touch, and quick touch footballs available in a variety of colours. Shop the range now online!

Sliotars to suit all levels of players are available to purchase online, from our All-Ireland to team balls and first touch, start touch and quick touch for younger players. You can even get an emoji sliotar 😀, have a look at the options available here.

Traditional Ash hurls are available on our website as are Cúltec hurls and Hurlóg for younger Hurling and Camogie players. The Hurlóg is designed for children to introduce them to hurling and Camogie, the pack includes a light hurl and ball.  If you haven’t seen our blog about the advantages of a Cúltec over a traditional hurl you can read it here.

We also stock a wide range of soccer balls, both our own O’Neills and Puma, available here and we also stock our own rugby balls are available to purchase here.


Family Fun

If you’re looking for something a bit more fun and less focused on performance browse the wide range of family-friendly games, we have made available online! Everything from the wicked body bubble, swing tennis, and giant darts, there is plenty of options to keep all the family entertained!

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