The Mother of All Players

Behind every fence, outside the wire and behind every hurler, camog and footballer male or female is the GAA mother. The Mother of all Players. She deserves a jersey of her own. As we celebrate mother’s day let’s remember the mothers of the GAA world, without them let’s be honest, most of us wouldn’t function. Things just wouldn’t get done.

Who gets you up for those early morning starts for matches and sets you on your way with a mega breakfast? It mightn’t be the team nutritionist’s idea of the best packing but it’s your mum’s, and mums know best.

Who has a quiet word and a consolation hug after a bad defeat when you’ve had a bad day and the oul fella’s post mortem just isn’t helping?

Who can you hear outside the wire, the same voice you heard when you were a youngster right through to senior, the unflinching support and total loyalty. In who’s eyes are you always a star. Your biggest fan?

Who is it threatens to have a word with the coach when you don’t get picked?

Who was it jumped the wire that time when the melee broke out and you were in the middle of it?

Who is it that sometimes just can’t bear to watch a tight game, and has to sit in the car or leave early?

Who is it that listens broken-hearted when the opposition supporters rain jeers and grief upon you?

Who’s the first to welcome you home and last to see you off, embarrassing you even when you’re well past being embarrassed?

Who is it that will catch your eye when you win that first championship too proud to show it and too many tears of joy to let it be seen?

Who’s always there for you, win, lose or draw?

To all the GAA mothers that do it all and more, we salute you. What better way to celebrate this Sunday? Do it for your mother.