Hawkeye Out for Cúl Yule Gear for Ladies Footballers

No doubt, Ladies Footballers are among #TheToughest for sure. For a Cúl Yule for the wannabe Cora in your house, here’s some ladies football classics.

1 The Jersey

We have some Cúl Yule gear on stock ranging from the Mayo Jersey for wannabe Cora’s to the tidy number worn by Dublin All Ireland champions like Sinéad Aherne & co. County Jerseys.

2 Gaelic Balls

Often overlooked as a present for the Gaelic gals but ranging from a full on O’Neills All Ireland ball to three or four Inter County Trainers, it means you have enough balls to work on the old skills and firepower. Dublin coach Mick Bohan is a great advocate of using two balls at once to train both feet in half the time.

3 Gaelic Gloves

Coming into the pre season, a thoughtful relative over the Festive season can sort out the gloves situation. Always need at least one pair in the kit bag.

4 Half Zip

From the club half zip, to a new county number to one from our range of women’s gym wear, again an item that a girl can’t get enough of.

5 Baselayer

Doesn’t matter how tough you are, a baselayer under the training gear is a critical essential at this time of the year. For utility more than adornment as they say, skin tight, keeps you warm in pre season.

6 Gumshield

Bang on the mouth means time on the dentist’s chair. A decent mouthguard also protects the jaw and spreads the impact of a whack on the jaw.

7 Gymbag

The key to good kitbag maintenance is to keep the clean stuff away from the muck and clabber. Double up as a valuable bag or to store your going out stuff after a big match. Gym bag come all round bag. Get one, get several.

8 Gym Range

New O’Neills Dakota women’s gym range, designed for the Irish sportswoman, not some unicorn that lives on Instagram. Looks good, fits, designed for active wear and really good fabrics. Washes well, and keeps shape and colour.

10 Midi Socks

Half length Midi socks that support the ankles and feet. Designed for wear by real Gaelic players, based on player feedback. A few pairs of these will keep any player happy.