Critical Kit Essentials Matches and Training

Summer Safety Kit Checklist

With summer camps, Cúl Camps and coaching days just around the corner it's worth a quick check on your kid’s gear to make sure you have everything you need. With health and safety paramount there’s a few ‘must have’ items.

Hurling helmet

Hurling helmets are compulsory for ALL hurling and camogie training and coaching sessions as well as matches at all levels. As parents and coaches we need to instil in our young players that the helmet is part of the game. Apply the rule No Helmet, No Hurling especially at training. Some players think they can warm up with no helmet, but from experience, there’s nothing like a sliotar ricocheting off your bare head to underline the folly of that attitude.

Our O'Neills Koolite helmet is available in a full range of colour combinations and can be personalised with your club or county colours and crest. It is designed to be as light as possible yet still offers the required level of safety and impact absorption and confirms to helmet safety standards. Player comfort and safety is our primary consideration. Each helmet has our patented removable and washable liner containing aerosilver technology for odour prevention. The helmet comes with a tailored O’Neills helmet carrier bag that can also carry any spare liners, GAA gloves, grip spray and hurling essentials.

 Players should wear a helmet that is comfortable and that fits properly. The helmet should be attached with both straps so that they are comfortable, firmly attached and not covering the ears. Coaches and mentors should supervise younger players to ensure the helmet is worn properly.

Gumshields Are Compulsory

Gumshield, mouthguard, protector, call them what you will. They are now compulsory in GAA Games at all grades and ages, likewise in Ladies Gaelic. The important thing about the gumshield rule is that young players need to understand it's a compulsory part of their gear from a young age. Again, the mantra should be No Gumshield, no Gaelic football. When the two brand new second teeth are cracked, bent or lying on the grass it's too late. Remember the referee under rule can send a player from the field if they are not wearing a gum shield. Not only does the gum shield protect the teeth and gums but it is designed to disperse the shock of an impact to avoid additional jaw injury.

O’Neills self-fit mouthguards help protect your teeth and gums against impact and shock. Easy to fit gum shields are now compulsory for GAA and suitable for boxing and hockey also. They offer maximum protection and comfortable fitting for matches and training.

A Medical Bag

Every team should have a first aider competent in basic first aid techniques for use in a match and at training sessions. Each team should have a first aid bag stocked with a selection of sticking plasters, dressings, strapping/supports, ice packs and sterile saline. You can get a basic list of first aid requirements in your club and the local friendly pharmacists might even sponsor the contents if their children are playing and enable you to fill the bag. When you've got your first aid essentials, store them in an O'Neills first aid bag.

This Medical Bag is suitable for use on match days and during training sessions. The one large compartment features an auto lock puller with Velcro fastening and two water bottle mesh holders. It has durable handles, a large compartment, two smaller inside pockets, as well as two mesh lining water bottle holders.

Water Water Everywhere

Every player should be bringing their own waterbottle to training for hydration purposes. You cannot train or play without being hydrated, or you’ll become more liable to injury and fatigue. Particularly in warm weather you can lose considerable weight during a game so you should aim to hydrate before, during and after a match or training session. This is a habit that should be built from the earliest age groups and training sessions should include a scheduled water break. For hygiene purposes, insist each player has their own bottle as far as possible.

We also supply tough plastic water bottle carriers that can withstand rough treatment including hefting in and out of cars, buses and the occasional kick in an angry dressing room.

With each carrier holding six of our Gaagle water bottles they allow fast refilling. Here's a handy tip for fast refilling. Unscrew the caps of all six bottles. Keeping them in the tray, turn on the tap and hold the tray underneath filling each bottle without taking it out of the tray. Screw caps back on. This technique allows fast refill. Remember to thank us for the tip if you're passing it on!