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  1. Men's Xander Éire Technical Fleece Overhead Hoodie Grey / Green
  2. Men's Xander Éire Fleece Crew Neck Top Green
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  3. Men's Éire Fleece Overhead Hooded Top Green
    $44.00 $85.00
    220 Reward Points
  4. Men's Éire Fleece Overhead Hooded Top Marine
    $44.00 $85.00
    220 Reward Points
  5. Men's Éire Fleece Overhead Hooded Top Grey
    $44.00 $85.00
    220 Reward Points
  6. Men's Shay Éire Brushed Sweatshirt White / Marine / Amber
    $39.00 $69.00
    195 Reward Points
  7. Black men's Guinness Hoodie with gold helmet print in the centre and Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo on the sleeve from O'Neills.
  8. Black Guinness Hoodie with Christmas Toucan print and pouch pocket from O'Neills.
  9. White men's Guinness Notre Dame hoodie with toucan wearing helmet on front from O'Neills.
Choose from men’s overhead hoodies and comfy sweatshirts with O’Neills. Fleece lined hooded tops are designed to help trap body heat for long lasting warmth on even the coldest of days. The classic sweatshirt provides a comfy addition to post workout gear or for training in winter. Men’s fleece lined hoodies and sweat tops look great teamed with a pair of matching tracksuit bottoms or skinny joggers.