25 Products
  1. Urban Fitness Push Up Bars
    90 Reward Points
  2. Urban Fitness Ab Roller
    75 Reward Points
  3. UFE Ankle / Wrist Weights 0.5kg Black / Green
  4. UFE Ankle / Wrist Weights 1kg Black / Green
  5. Urban Fitness Resistance Tube Light
  6. UFE 4 Piece Massage Set
    275 Reward Points
  7. UFE Deep Massage Roller Black
    125 Reward Points
  8. UFE Fitness Ball 65cm
    125 Reward Points
  9. UFE Fitness Ball 55cm
    110 Reward Points
  10. UFE Pilates Ball Blue
    35 Reward Points
  11. Urban Fitness 4mm Yoga Mat Green
    100 Reward Points
  12. UFE Resistance Band Loop Set of 5
    70 Reward Points
  13. Urban Fitness Resistance Band 1.5m Light
  14. Urban Fitness Resistance Band 1.5m Medium
  15. UFE Speed Rope 9" Green
    35 Reward Points
  16. Urban Fitness Speed Rope 10" Blue
  17. Urban Fitness Leather Jump Rope 2.7m
  18. Urban Fitness High Grip Speed Rope 2.8m
  19. UFE Quench Water Bottle 2.2L Blue
    50 Reward Points
  20. UFE Hydro Water Bottle 700ml Blue
  21. UFE Hydro Water Bottle 700ml Pink
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